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Monday, April 08, 2013

Cleaning small bottles

I learned this years and years upon years ago. I shared it elsewhere, figured I would share it here as well.

Bottle too small to give it a proper cleaning? No worries, rice and vinegar to the rescue!

Pour rice into bottle, jar or vase, about a third of the way up. Cover rice with vinegar. Top, or cover with a lid of some sort, and shake vigorously until it feels like your arm will fall off.

Viola! Sparkly clean glass.

Make sure to rinse very well before using.


TexasWren said...

Oh, I had those spice bottles long, long ago. I think they were part of a spice rack that I got for Christmas when I got my first apartment.

Heather said...

Well that is incredibly easy! Thanks for sharing :-)

Phelan said...

My boys bought them for me at an estate sale, came in a pretty glass door rack.

Comment on Facebook, a reader uses fizzy denture cleaners. Drop a tablet in water into the jar, leave over night.

Sandy Livesay said...


I save all of my bottles (any size) and those bottles given to me as gifts or finds. I clean them and sterilize them and use them for display or as gifts with oils, spices, lotions, bath sugars and even salad dressing.

Thank you for the information, this will help :-)

Practical Parsimony said...

I just gave away all the fizzy denture tablets I bought for cleaning the commode, which, by the way, did not work. But, they were a store brand.

Vinegar is great. I always forget about the rice.

Doom said...

Now that is a trick I can use. Some containers are just too neat to toss, and potentially useful. But my fingers are, well, ogre sized. Yes, ogres like cool little jars. We need sparkly in our caves, and places to store our meat flavorings... or even store extra powder, which you must keep dry mind you.

Plus, who knows, maybe some lady ogre will like our trinkets and be lured by them. :)

Phelan said...

Doom, you had us all giggling here.

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