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Friday, March 08, 2013

Goings on

We survived two blizzards, ending up with 21" of snow. It was actually nice to get stranded with the family. We cuddled on the couch, watching movies and waiting for the power to go out. And now, only a few days later, we have 60F degrees and entering tornado season. I think this is what I will miss the most about Kansas. At least I will get to see one more swing season. Will have to take Small Farm Girl tornado chasing.

The sheep have discovered my ramp. They are now using it to knock at the back door and yell for their treats.

We have had 5 lambs born so far. Their births are far in-between. We even had our first set of live twins! My getting a photo of them is proving hectic. I am just not as fast as I use to be.

I have been doing a lot of research on laws in Kentucky. They are not as farmer friendly as Kansas, but there is some hope that it will get better. I am not allowed to take any of my birds. Horse neighbor is taking in a few of them. I also may not bring in a sexually active bull. That means Winston will be sent to butcher, and I will need to find a replacement once we have settled in.

You remember the stock trailer we traded for? We had yet to take it out. However a friend of ours asked to borrow it. They were headed south to pick up a couple of colts. On the way down, the trailer was bouncing and wagging on those awful Oklahoma road, and sheared the bolt of the ball hitch, sending the trailer across four lanes at 70 mph into the only clearing for miles. Luckily no one was hurt. Sheriff told them that they were the second ones that it had happened to that day.

I will leave you with some photos. Hope all is well with you.


small farm girl said...

Uhhh.... Ok to the last persons comment. Lol. By the way, would LOVE to go tornado chasing!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are those crayfish? Yum! Girl you do what you have to do do to make you and yours safe. Screw the Anonymous bastards and bitches that have no guts to sign their names to the tirades of how you live.

Phelan said...

Sfg, blogger isn't doing a very good job at blocking spam. I would be thrilled to take you.

My adventures, yes they are. Friend brought them up to us. They were very good! And the comment SFG was talking about was a wiered spam reply.

Sandy Livesay said...


I'm sorry to hear you can't take your bull or your birds. But on a good note, you won't have the drastic weather you have in Kansas.

We live in Oklahoma, and I so hear you when talking about the terrible roads here. It's a good thing no one was hurt when the trailer decided to head it's own directions across the highway.

Are you counting down days before you head to your new place?

Mystic Mud said...

Great pictures! We've had snow this week and are expecting temps in the low 60's this weekend too - crazy! And I don't know what's up with blogger and the (lack) of spam filter but I have it coming out the yin-yang now:( they really need to fix that.

Unknown said...

Loving the photos. Loving your sense of humor even more!!! Seeing the birds go after the crawdads reminds me of the hens, when we give them the leftover minnows after we come home from fishing. Goofballs walking around with fishtails flopping around from their beaks! LOL Kentucky is a bit... different. It needs your sense of humor... and common sense. LOL Somebody once told me that residents are required to own a horse. I thought they were throwing BS around. Now I'm beginning to wonder, after hearing about having to send the Bull to the butcher. That's some SERIOUS BS. ;)

Phelan said...

Sandy, still a few months out. We are going to wait for the boys to get out of school for summer. Your roads are the reason I got a sissy bar on the bike! We were headed to Ponca City, pothole bounced me onto the fender! Lol!

Mystic Mud, I took the verification off becuase several of my readers complained about not being able to leave comments with the new picture verifications. Blogger was blocking most of it, but when you get 135 in less than a day, guess blogger can't keep up.

Weldrbrat, lol! Haven't seen that law yet. But I wouldn't mind a horse. Husband and I talked about getting a horse once there, with me not as stable as I would like to be, a horse would help me move around the property.

Practical Parsimony said...

Oh my. I get upset when I get five spams a day.

Noelle said...

Well, I'm glad you turned off Captcha because it does make it hard for me, (although I shouldn't complain, because I'm the one that solves audio captchas at 2:15 AM, lol!) But yeah, Google won't fix Blogger's spam filtering issues, (and the myriad of other Blogger issues... because they never fix anything.) Thus the reason why I switched to tumblr.

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