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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Putting it all behind us

I was going to talk about integrity. Its now rarity, and how important it is to have it. But instead I will tell you what is really going on here.

Apparently my post about the USDA program coupled with the wreck, and husband still being in pain has bitten us on the butt. More on that in a moment.

People can make poor judgements in their lives. I have, I admit to them, and do try to fix them. However there are some people in this world that can be so self absorbed that they choose to make poor decision. As in the ends justify the means. I feel sorry for them, as joy is an elusive creature.

I digress. Husband was fired this am. It is truly unfortunate, and the reason was rather bizarre. Almost I am breaking up with you before you can break up with me. The unfortunate part of this, isn't about us, and no money at this moment, but for the shop owner. If he hadn't been so quick to jump, any transition of Husband's possible departure would have been kept to a min. He could have helped his replacement earn the trust of his clients. But with this abrupt departure, the transition will not be smooth. We have been in this industry long enough to witness similar accounts.

We were livid this morning. But now I fell sorry for them. Husband has been with them five years. Has only taken time off because he ended up in ER or the hospital, or another emergency. He has never taken a vacation or holiday in all that time. Never requested more than an extended weekend. They are losing a loyal employee and talented tech.

This was the only thing holding us back from picking up and leaving. Husband didn't want to leave his boss in a lurch. But now. . . Now we are free. Husband's reputation follows him. Within an hour of people knowing about the firing, job offers have come. We can pick and chose the US over. Where do we want to homestead?

We have found a place that we have simply fallen in love with. It has everything this clan wants and dreamed about. And it is something we can afford, as soon as the Neophyte Homestead sells. Today we are selling off most of our things to help get the down payment to hold the property. It will take a few months to get it all, lots of scrimping, so this might be my last post for awhile. No fret, I will find a way to say hi.

I must confess that this firing has turned out to be a blessing for our family. It's going to be rough for a bit, but that's ok. We have a new adventure that can take us anywhere.

Stay tuned, it's just starting to get fun.


TexasWren said...

I'm sorry you have to have the dark cloud to get the silver lining, but thank goodness for silver!

I am frantically trying to think of any shops in my area that might lead you down here! Hint. Hint.

Yart said...

Sorry about all the drama.... But are you moving to say Michigan?!?!? Hmmmm, inquiring minds.... (Mainly me want to know!) Or are you going to be staying way out in the mid west.... Well, anywhere you land will be fantastic! I am so happy that the property your going after has everything you want! Exciting times ahead! Good Luck! Hugs!!!

Phelan said...

We have been through a layoff, so we can do this. :) aw wren. . . Hugs.

Yart, I will reveal all, once papers are signed. Fingers crossed that it goes through. Tired of things going so wrong. We have decided that these past two years has been screaming at us to go.

Judy said...

Got my fingers and toes crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

sweet girl, Nothing but best wishes for you guys. sorry for the timing, but know all will work out. the rat

Sandy Livesay said...


I have only been following you for a short time, and just wanted to say this sounds like it was a message from God. Now you have the time you need to sell the things needed to purchase this property you've fell in love with.
I'm happy and sorry for you at the same time. Happy because dreams come true, sad because you'll have to tighten the belt. Take care, good luck!

Carolyn said...

I know people have said it, and you're probably tired of hearing it, but things DO happen for a reason. Get moving & get on with your life...a new one with more desirable neighbors! Good luck & looking forward to that post of yours when you let us all in on it! :)

Mamma Bear said...

Phelan...It's exiting and scary all at the same time! I wish you all the very best!

I haven't posted since before Thanksgiving but our turkey was perfect thanks to your suggestion of apple juice. Can't wait to smoke one on the grill!

bbarna said...

Hi Phelan,
Yes, I believe when one door closes, another will open. Best wishes for a great adventure !! Let us know how it goes.
Barb from Canada.

Anonymous said...

Tennessee is a beautiful state with all four seasons! hint, hint.

Blessings to u5 :)

Aunt D.

Anonymous said...

So sorry that people feel a need to be so selfish. I know this must be a sign of some sort for you. Hang in there, remember, we still have to do the hay-bale thing!

kath said...

Well, I'm sorry that things had to happen the way they did, and I hope this means a fresh start with much better luck this time, wherever you end up. I know a lot of people would love for you to move where they are and I would be honored to have you as a neighbor, but I wouldn't recommend anyone moving to NY, especially not right now. I've lived here my whole life and if I didn't have family responsibilities to keep me here, I'd probably be moving on myself. I'm really excited for you and your family, although I know it's not going to be easy for any of you. Please keep us posted!

carol anne said...

I think the universe is telling you a move is meant to be.

Mandi from DE said...

The 'Verse moves in mysterious ways, Phelan! :)

Felinae said...

Sorry for the hubby's layoff, but am so happy you found a place that you love. Like previous posters have stated, everything happens for a reason...I also wish you much success on obtaining your dream property.


Pamela said...

Phelan, I'm glad this sad news has opened doors for you and your family. My fingers are crossed for you!

Swamp Dog said...

Good luck with the new place, we are jut finishing our new home and we are so excited to begin a new adventure!

Representative said...

Oooo! Adventure! I'm anxious to see the next posts when they come in. :D

Phelan said...

Thank you guys. Your comments always make me smile.

Soon all will be known!

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