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Friday, September 14, 2012

Surgery update

I am having a difficult time staying awake. Well that is mutilation they neglect to give me my meds, and tell me they did give them to me. Pain level is a 9 right now, so I think I will be able to stay awake to write this.


My X-rays. The screws are holding a piece of bone back into place. The pig tail looking things are holding my ligaments in their proper place. I have four of the pigtails. As I messed up all my ligaments in that knee, along with the meniscus.

Before surgery, I was written on

Guess the surgeons wanted to be sure they were working on the correct leg.

Guess they wanted to be sure of the correct leg.

New splint

My new splint.

My family has taken well care of me.

My hospital bedside looks like something out of a 1980s horror film. Thanks family.


Judy T said...

That last photo made me laugh! But the others- ouch!! Heal quickly!

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, Phelan!!! I can't even imagine the pain you must be in. Know that we are thinking of you and your entire family, hoping and praying that things go well for all of you. Looks like the family has you covered ;)

Hang tough, you can do it, fists up :)

Maxine said...

I'm with Judy - the last photo made me chuckle too. I can picture one of the boys handing that over to you with a comment to make you smile. Definately glad the surgery is behind you and you can concentrate on healing now.


Judy said...

I'm in pain just looking at the x-ray. You did a number on that knee! Hugs and prayers for everyone.

Anonymous said...

feel better soon sweet girl. the rat

Anonymous said...

Speedy recovery, Phelan!

Unknown said...

Oh, my God. I had no idea! I hope you're up and slapping idiots with crutches soon! And about those nurses telling you they gave you your pain meds.... Tell that doctor of yours to order the pain meter with the button. Those wenches might be ripping you off. VERY common. And you need to warn them about idiots and the new found talent with crutches you're gonna try out on 'em! Feel better soon, Hon! {Hugs!}

kymber said...

Phelan - just screech if there is anything that we can do. now git yerself to healin'...ya hear?

lots of love being sent your way hon. your friend,

HermitJim said...

Looks like the healing can now commence! I know it must be painful, but try and smile about something each day!

That last picture made me smile!

I hope the hubby is doing OK as well!

CoolChange©© said...

It never fails to amaze me what the human body can sustain. Just when I get to feeling sorry about old age and my body disfunction, I see things like you are going through. Stay tough, girl. I think you are.

GreyWolf said...

Heal fast and well.

Phelan said...

Thanks you guys.

My knee still hurts. But just talk to orthopedics, they say I can go home. Now if trauma agrees, the it will be official.

And thank you for the donations!

Carolyn said...

Oh MY! I go offline for a few days and you're in the hospital! Hoping for a speedy recovery, sending good thoughts out to you.

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