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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Being sent home

I finally got the go ahead. Here in about 30 mins, I will begin discharge paperwork. I actually cried when he told me I could go home. I miss my life so much.

And that has got me thinking. I can't put any pressure on this leg for several more months, and I could be in physical therapy for a year. I won't be able to do all the stuff I gritch about on here. Looks like I have to make a change. I will need to learn how to sew. And more small in your lap projects will need to be preformed.

But the guys are on it. They built me a ramp yesterday. And even though I will not be able to participate in the large builds, I can at least make sure that I have pictures. This means you will hear Husaband's voice more often.

and a quick thank you for the PayPal tips.

My face is healing. Still looks like I was beaten (with an ugly stick! Hardyhardhar)

Face healing

I will miss my view of the city (why I think my sarcasm has started healing )

Hospital room view

And of course I am packed. And this ugly little guy seems to have become my broke knee mascot.

Mascot packed

See you back at the Neophyte Homestead.


Unknown said...

hi hun, I always read, but don't often comment - sending my love and lots of healing thoughts, much love from Cornwall in the UK - Froogs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carolyn said...

Glad you're getting to go home. Take care. Healing is always easier at home :)

Judy said...

Yeah! It will be a lot easier to heal at home and you are in control of your meds.

CoolChange©© said...

Home is where you need to be. Your healing will be much easier to do there. Good for you.

carol anne said...

I'm so glad you're heading home. I will continue to pray for you.

Felinae said...

Glad to hear that you got to go home. Continued thoughts and prayers, Phelan.


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Hey Phelan. Glad to see you're goin home. I broke my knee 20+ years ago. I was one of the stupid ones that thought partying was more important than physio, so I did'nt complete it. I'm kinda paying for it now. It affected more than just the knee. I can push down with my foot, (to drive or whatever), but to pick it back up is pretty tough to do. Both my ankle and knee are pretty week to this day. Hopefully yours will be alot better. Probably will with the therapy.

FancyHorse said...

You are looking a lot better! I'm glad you're home, hospitals are no fun!

Take care, follow instructions, and do all the therapy. Hope to see you back on your feet soon.

Donna said...

Glad to hear you are going home. It's always more comforting in your own space!

kath said...

So glad to hear that you're getting to go home! Fortunately there are a lot of projects you can do while laid up. I taught myself to knit, crochet, embroider and do quilt as you go projects on the long car trips from NY-GA, so I know there are a lot of things you can do without moving around too much. You can also download free books to your computer from Project Gutenberg and a bunch of other sites, or you can sit at your computer and go on Pinterest like I did after my surgery and pin all the food you want to make and Projects you want to do once you can move around again!
PS - Do your boys cook yet? Now might be a good time to instruct them in making some simple, easy meals!
Speedy recovery Phelan!

small farm girl said...

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home. :)

wingsofjudas said...

Oh man, I'm an avid reader and this was harrowing... I'm so glad the crash wasn't worse!

My husband spent some time trying to dig up any record of this sort of break happening to another Harley and there's wasn't anything. Sounds like an entirely freak accident! Did it come apart on the weld?

My thoughts are with you and your family. Best regards from Minnesota!

Phelan said...

J. Judas bardon, it broke on the left side threads. It has happened in the past on 4speed frames. Old shovel heads. Our bikes has well over 100,000 miles on it.

When we were kids a friend of Husband's was killed when her father's broke on the highway.

Thanks for all the love guys!

Phelan said...

You know, I was thinking. It doesn't surprise me that he isn't able to find a similar break online. My wreck, and my friends that happened the day after mine, never made the news.

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