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Sunday, July 01, 2012

If you see your name,

 please email me (found on my profile page) with your shipping address. Please put the name of your prize in the subject line.

Trivia questions

At what altitude do deer turn into elk? 6,000 ft above sea level, at 10,000 they turn into moose. Will also accept, can't happen.

How do YOU make snow? Lots of water and magic. Will also accept the scientific version as well

How do you remove the black skin spots off a pig when you butcher? Bleach, a scouring pad and elbow grease. Will also accept, you can't remove the spot, it is the natural pigment of the pig's skin and can be as deep as the muscle, or peel that sucker.

How many teeth are on a secondary drive belt for an 83 Fxsb? 126, would also accept, having my wife count them as we speak.

Who is in this photo? E.T.

What do cats and some breeds of cattle have in common? Acceptable answers are, four legs, eyes, nose ears mouths, tails, get in your way when you don't want or need them there. But I was looking for rough tongues.

The winner of the trivia contest, and the Kadayan Hiker Pro Water Filter, donated by Ready Nutrition is. . . Propwashz!

The winner of the two sets of books from Fox Chapel Publishing is. . . Jaze

The winner of the goody bag from Roadrunner Magazine is. . . Lynda

Tie down winner. . . Kymber

Emergency survival seeds from Hometown Seeds goes to. . . Tanya

would DFW, Noelle and Maxine also email me with their shipping addresses? 

The end.


kymber said...

woohoo to all of the winnerS! time for all of us to get to bed - woohoo!

you did awesome, gurl, glad i was here for some of it!

your friend,

Lynda said...

OH NO!!! That stupid movie put me to sleep! Sorry I didn't make it all of the way to the did did Kymber...what a couple of troopers!

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting to the end, hope it was fun! Wow... that's a lot of pledges.

PokieDragon said...

WOOT! I won something? Awesomesauce.

Heading over to make my donation right now!

Lynda said...

Phelan: The donation has been made. Thank you for the fun evening...I have not stayed up that late in years!

Phelan said...

Thank you guys. And thank you for staying up as late as you did.

Beth of Red Barn Farm said...

Just got back ? Who won the goodie box from our farm? Will check my mail as soon as I unload the truck.

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