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Saturday, June 30, 2012

What did you last eat leftovers of?

Two nights ago. I had leftover fajitas, turned them into omelets.

I know boring.

But much more appetizing then trying to find the worm in the bird poop

Find the worm in the chicken poop


kymber said...

hmmmm....we eat leftovers almost every day. whatever i make for supper is usually incorporated in the next day's lunch. i looooove fajitas (pronounced fa-jee-tas! - bahahahah!).

so tell us more about the worm and the birdpoop thing. it makes me think of initiation into your house in Alert - when i was initiated, blind-folded of course, people take turns throwing hot and cold water on you. then you have to fry like a little piece of bacon. then you get all kinds of smelly stuff dumped on you. then you have to stick your head in a 5gallon bucket of "decaying stuff" and retrieve the golf ball with your teeth. fun times that.

your friend,

DFW said...

Even more boring. Chicken salad out of leftover grilled chicken.

We do the same as kymber, whatever we have for dinner is made into something, or the same thing, for lunch the next day. Saves a bunch of $$.

Phelan said...

Large's birthday party a few years ago had a fear factor theme. This one was to find the gummy worm in the cottage cheese and capers. Of course they weren't told what it was except bird poop. Two of them dry heaved. We had all kinds of edible but mentally gross foods.

Good times.

Phelan said...

I rarely have leftovers here. Too many boys.

Amanda said...

Leftover grilled corn on the cob and peppers and onions left over from sausage subs, yummmm

kymber said...

bahahahahahah on the dry heaves!!!

Phelan said...

Well it all sounds good (not the dry heaves). I think I need to eat some lunch.

Anonymous said...

I have leftovers here all the time, when my care provider cooks, she cooks enough for a few days. FirstGiving is giving me fits, so I'm trying to get someone to help me with it. Yay for not being as prepared as I should have!

Maxine said...

Chili - last night for dinner. Made a double batch about 2 weeks ago and froze this half of it. I guess that counts as leftovers.

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