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Saturday, June 30, 2012

What activity makes you lose track of time?

Well blogging tonight seems to be causing that problem.

In general I would say riding the motorcycle. We always lose track of the time. We don't mean to, but heck we are having too much fun.

Sporty Tractor

Questions tonight are brought to you by Noelle. Who just happens to be doing her own blogathon at the end of July.

Have an answer that you demand to be questioned, email me or leave it in comments.


Lynda said...

Do you have a "bucket list"? If so, what's the number one "to do"?

Anonymous said...

Lol multitasking is fun right? Woohoo, thanks for the link! By the way, I think I managed to tame the firstgiving beast, but I had to do it in a very strange way. It wouldn't let me make a page without selecting an event, and I couldn't create my own, (I don't have a charity account,) so I had to select an event first. I even had a friend try and help me with it and she saw the same thing.

DFW said...

Blogging. Going to bed sweet one. I am old and have a lot of painting to do tomorrow.

Thank you for doing this blogathon! I have had fun jumping on all day and keeping up!

Thank goodness I can still (sometimes) respond to the rediculous wordscrabble. Although, I think several of my responses didn't post due to not being able to replicate the scramble. Oh well, chaulk it up to old eyes.

Amanda said...

Whats your favorite animal you guys have had at the homestead, why? Least favoriite, why?

Maxine said...

Reading blogs makes me lose track of time. I have to be back to work in 6 hours so I'm calling it a night. I'll check in with you in the morning before I leave. Great job for your charity!

Phelan said...

Good night DFW! good Night Maxine! Thank you both so much.

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