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Monday, June 11, 2012

Reason #203 Why I love Kansas

Most people I talked to about Kansas complain about how flat and boring it is here. Personally I love the open plains.

Flint roads and bales

Route 177 Kansas

Route 177 Kansas

Route 177 Kansas

Route 177 Flint Hills of Kansas

Kansas sky

Sheriff texting. Cottonwood Falls, Ks.

Entering Cottonwood Falls, Ks

Hundred year old flint rock wall

Flint roads

Welcome to the Flint Hills.

Clicking on any photo will take you to my Flickr page if you wish to see more photos of our trip.


kymber said...

oh my gawd! the only time i have seen plains like that is driving through Saskatchewan and Manitoba - also some parts of Alberta - so beautiful! and flat! i love the sky pics but then you already know that! seems like you guys had a nice ride - awesome, buddy - just awesome!

your friend,

Phelan said...

Now you are just humoring me. ;) but since you were nice enough to comment, I will tell you about the ride. We left around 10 am headed north to Lawrence Kansas. The trip takes you smack dap through the flint hills. Unfortunately it was too windy to get pics on hwy 50.

Three hours of this scenery later, we wind up in Lawerence. First stop was a friend of a friends dinner called Queen Lizzy's. The serve authentic English cuisine. It was very good. Then we wondered about downtown. Husband got some new jewelry for some piercings, and we had ice cream at Saddies and Maddy's. They make t fresh daily and it was incredible. So happy I have friends all over the place to suggest things.

Few hours later, we finally found our friend's house. I do not trust google maps at all. They had their home as a bus stop. It was actually several blocks away.

We hung out until show time. Their bans, Olassa, was opening for slitlip rayfield. If you like cow punk, this is a great local band, that is quickly becoming well known. Had some drinks, and met up with some people we hadn't seen for years.

Headed back to their house, and stayed up til 5 am, drinking, laughing and listening to the 20 different musicians play. Husband and I are now covered in chiggers.

We left later that morning, another 3 hour drive. Out running storms. We had a great time.

Thank you for asking.

Odysseus said...

We spent a couple of years in Manhattan, KS and I personally liked the topography.

Anyone who thinks Kansas is too flat has never been to Illinois, that was flat enough to make this hillbilly boy lose his sense of direction every five seconds.

kymber said...

it sounds like you guys had a rockin' awesome time Phelan - good for you both! now i must know what you both ate at Queen Lizzy's and i must know what kind of ice cream you had!

oh and i never humour you. well maybe i used to....but not since this huzzah thing started!!!! thanks again for that!

your friend,

Phelan said...

Odysseus, Manhattan is gorgeous area. Unfortunately most people driving through, end up in south west Ks, where it is open range. That corner is flat, and that's all people seem to remember.

Kymber, well if you must know. Husband had fish and chips. I had something called the Bacon Butty. Which is more like ham than American bacon. Both the bread and the meat where flavorful and moist enough that no condiments where required. And their French fries "chips", where excellent. We had strawberry decadent for dessert. Wheich is a graham type cake with strawberries, chocolate and whip cream.

Sylas and maddie's ( that's the correct name) ice cream shop. I had a grasshopper shake and Husband and the peanut utter freak in a chocolate filled waffle cone. They also make their own cones.

Will be stopping in again.

kath said...

At least your flat land is nice to look at. Those pics are gorgeous! The closest flat land in my region is Long Island, NY, which is probably the ugliest, most crowded piece of flat land in the world. Highest cancer rate in the country there.
Glad you had a nice trip. It's good to get away every so often, isn't it?

Phelan said...

Kath, I have never been to long island, but have seen photos. Yes, it is indeed nice to get away. But I think I may have some saddle sores. Sigh.

SouthCoast Guy said...

looks like a peaceful area, somewhere where you can just sit down and soak it all in...very nice

johnnyb said...

I love driving through the Flint Hills. A lot of neat country in the state. You just need to get off the Interstates to see some of it. In our part of the state, one mile will be flat and the next very rough.17

Phelan said...

South coast guy, indeed it is. Husband and I have taken many moments to do just that.

John, yes you do. Most of my pictures were taken on hwy 177. It's listed as America's scenic byway. Follows the toll road, and only a few minutes longer. I have been through you area many times. I believe I have pictures somewhere on this blog from the last trip up that way.

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