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Friday, May 18, 2012

Blogathon raffle donation from Red Barn Farm

Beth from the blog Red Barn Farm has graciously donated a very cool box to be raffled off during this years's blogathon.

Donation includes: 3 bags of apple mint teas, 2 bags of lemon balm tea, stamped tea towel with our logo, 4 small candles (pastel colors). All our teas are grown on our 1 acre farm and are all natural ( we don't qualify for organic label) but everything is pesticide free.

A huge Thank You to Beth and the Red Barn Farm for this lovely raffle item.

Her blog is about her life on a farmette, where she grows teas. She also has things up for barter. Head over there, say thanks, and check out what she is writting about, repurposing, and bartering.


kymber said...

Phelan - Beth is awesome like that! i put up a post about looking for bergamot seeds and then she contacted me and sent me some! i sent some back to her and then she sent me a lovely card. so i have sent one back to her and it looks like we'll be sending each other cards and seeds regularly!

please put me down as the winner of Beth's box of teas....teeheehee!

i honestly haven't gone looking through our junk to see if there is anything that could be useful for your blog-a-thon....give me a few more days of getting stuff out in the garden and then i promise to find something.

your friend,

Phelan said...

No worries Kymber. Beth does indeed seem to be awesome like that. I was thrilled with her donation.

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