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Friday, April 27, 2012

The State of the Homestead

As my long time readers know, every once in awhile I post a general whose who of characters in something I call The State of the Homestead. And include how we are doing financially. This time we will do things a bit differently as an unofficial meme is running amok through the homesteading blogs. And since I seem to have amassed more readers, an introduction to the participants is in order.

And welcome to my world!

no more for her

There are 5 of us humans here on the Neophyte Homestead, me; Phelan, Husband, and three boys, Small (8), Medium (10) and Large (14).

Cattle; Long Legged Kerrie's and American Milking Short Horns
9 cows and 4 bulls 

Urth's Umbra 
Yippie Skippy

9 black belly Barbados sheep
Bobdole ( yes one word)
Ugly and lamb
Mini Ugly and lamb
Suzi and lamb
Burnt Marshmallow
Bob Dole and harem

26 hens and 1 rooster
7 turkeys

3 dogs

5 cats
May maybe manard

5 adult rabbits 

Bees, no I am not going to count them

Poop ducks. They are wild, but a constant presence.

Plants, well let's just list trees. I use many weeds in our diet, flowers and then the 2400 sq ft garden.

1 peach tree
2 apple trees
3 crabapples
1 pear tree
2 hackberry trees
2 apricots trees
1 nectarine tree
3 plum trees
3 mulberry trees
2 cherry trees
2 paw paw trees
None are taller than Husband except one mulberry.

We have blue berry bushes, raspberry, blackberry, grapes, strawberries, hops, 

It seems like I am missing something on this list. Hhmmmm. . . Oh and yes, 1 pecan and 2 walnut trees.

The State of the Homestead right now is a bit stagnant. Hay prices have come down, and we are talking with a manufacture about a steel building. We are actually talking about a house. Currently we are in a 30 year old mobile home that is falling apart. The steel company we are talking to has a layaway plan that takes a year. This will be the only way we could purchase something to begin building. We are not broke, but still below poverty level. Thank goodness we raise our own food. It's been a bit rough buying groceries after the drought last year. At least I didn't have to purchase any meat products. But things are looking up with this year's weather. Insects are worrisome though. 

Boys are doing well. Medium was the only child in his school to score a perfect on his State Assessments. He has been wearing his medal for a couple days now. Large scored high enough to not have to take finals. Small won't take the State Assessment until next year. But he is doing wonderfully on his goals, has actually surpassed expectations. He will be in summer school though, just to keep it going. Medium is taking art and Large has to bring his GPA up so that he can go to school in Japan next year. 

Husband is tired. Can't go into a lot about it right now though. Soon though, very soon. 

Murrial and Yart have been separated from the rest of the herd. Due to their demeanor, they have been chosen to be the front yard cattle. Yart is so Eyore like, that she is easily handled. And a good calf for the boys to interact with. As I watch a couple walk their goat down the road, then another couple later walking their miniature pony, I have come to the conclusion that Yart and I should be taking strolls around the neighborhood. 


Marie said...

A lovely update I DEFINITELY needed (after I just found this cool blog). It's exciting to see how you manage all these animals, your familiy, the garden... I'll keep coming around!

Greetings from Norway :)


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Hey Phelan you guys are really living off the land. Thats cool. I would like to be more self suffiecient in that way too, although it does look like alot of work. lol. I like your blog.

HermitJim said...

Always nice to go back and revisit your homestead family!

Always sounds like a busy place!

mizdeb said...

Here in central Texas several people have made their homes in a steel building . One side home, the other side barn, shop or whatever u need. Paint the concrete floors, insulate walls and celing, sheetrock and u have a nice place.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great life. I am glad for you sweet girl.

the rat

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the family update. Sounds like a good idea to steal for a blog post! And tell your S, M & L "great jobs" on the schooling front. I'm sure you're proud!

small farm girl said...

I honestly didnt realize you had that many animals! You ARE a busy woman!

Phelan said...

Marie, thank you and welcome from Kansas!

Frugal, it is a lot of work, some days I think I would like to trade it in, but honestly I don't think I would!

Jim, always busy.

Mizdeb, I have seen a couple of steel homes. I am hopeful, I really like them.

Rat, thank you. And you know what, I am happy for you too.

Carolyn, I will tell them, and I am very proud of my smart ass, I meant smart boys. :)

Small farm girl, really doesn't seem like that much until you write it done, then you wonder how on earth?

Cheryl said...

Wow, you've got a lot more bodies around there these days. It sounds like your boys are doing really well. Thanks for the update!

Phelan said...

Hey Cheryl! Hope all is well with you. Yes, we are benn very busy these days.

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