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Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh Husband, My Husband

It has now become a tradition here for me to post mushy junk about Husband on his birthday. I have shown you his many faces, and have told you his story.

I have even told you how I still get weak in the knees when he kisses me, even after 16 yrs together.

Not much has changed between us in all those years. I had my teenage fits when we were first together (I am 6 years younger than Husband, just turned 18 when I met him) But those passed. And we settled into a good rhythm with each other.  Not a comfortable boring one however. We still surprise each other, and have stories we share that neither had heard yet.

I count myself lucky, that he puts up with me. I really don't think anyone else would.

I am just as in love, if not more, with him today as I was so many years ago. And I look forward to growing old and senile with him. (he is also looking forward to my onset of Alzheimer, he claims he has pranks he can't wait to play on me. Ornery brat)

Happy Birthday Husband!


HermitJim said...

I think the husband probably feels much the same way about you! It's great that you two have each other, and I believe you are a very good match!

Felinae said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your husband. :)
Sounds like you two compliment each other perfectly.

Here's to many more birthday's together.

macbew said...

Happy Birthday to Husband. After reading your post I have to say he seems very blessed and if you still feel this way after 16 yrs. it would also seem that your as blessed. Many happy returns!!!

Phelan said...

He thanks you for your birthday wishes, says I am indeed lucky to have him, and no comment, merely a grin, about how he feels towards me.

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