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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Depression gift: Paddle Ball

Not just paddle ball but ULTIMATE PADDLE BALL


you will need
composite laminate flooring 3/8" thick
braided stretchy cord 1/8" thick
bouncy ball

(This project took 40 minutes doing it all by hand. So a good last minute gift idea)

Draw out your paddle onto the flooring

cut it out

Sand it down

Drill a hole in the center no larger than 1/8" diameter

Then drill a hole in the bouncy ball. We tried heating a nail and shoving it through, but it damages the ball too much.

Thread the stretchy cord through the ball.
You will need something to stop the knot from stretching through.
We used an old shoe lace.
Measure out the length of cord you want, remember it doubles in length when stretched.

Repeat with the paddle

Trim up the excess


If the cord breaks, it is easily repaired.

These work really well. You can easily nail your Husband in the head from 4 feet away,  hard enough for it to sting.


small farm girl said...

I have GOT to make me one of those. hehehehe

HermitJim said...

Man, does that bring back some memories! Used to get one every Christmas...plumb wore them out playing with 'em!

Pretty cool! Pretty cool!

Phelan said...

We never got them as kids. Mainly because the modern ones are made out of cardboard, a thin rubber band and staples. They don't stay together for very long.

TransFarmer said...

that last statement had me laughing. that's exactly what my wife and I start doing when we play with them in the store. we love trying to hit each other with those things, until we get caught or hurt

Rogue Wild said...

I love these things! My brother & I use to have paddle ball wars lol I think I like your comment of being able to smack your husband from 4 feet away =o) I cracked up when I read that!!

Phelan said...

I didn't think I would hit him, honest :)

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