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Friday, December 02, 2011

Depression Gift; Molas

Molas are a product of the Kuna women of Panama. I have several that my father brought with him when he came to the US.

 I am leaning towards getting a tattoo of the above mola, it's a fox and chickens.

Making your own is simple, you quilters should like this. Molas are traditionally 2-7 layers of fabric.

The fabric doesn't need to be a solid color.  And can be any size you want your panel to be.

First decide on your design, and map it out. Next put down your first layer of cloth, do not cut into this one, it's your base.  Add your second layer and cut your design so the the first cloth is seen through the second.

Repeat each layer, making sure that you cut over the previous colors holes so that the first/second and so on colors can be seen at the finish.

Pin your fabric together so that it can be sewn. Make sure that it is all flat as possible, and sew outlines into the design, then sew all the way around it.

For those of us that can barely sew, use this to wrap presents, like books in. Or mount them as art work as the real ones above.

Those of you that are more talented, molas are made to be used. Traditionally skirts and blouses. You can use the panels you make for blankets, window dressings, purses, and so forth.

Kids can make them with construction paper and glue if you don't trust them with your needles.


Coley said...

I collect Molas! My mom used to live in panama when she was a little girl.
I have 6 from my family, but I found another one at an estate sale.

Judy said...

LOL I've already built a afghan size throw in my mind's eye with your molas. It would have plain borders around each mola with a flannel backing and tied together.

Phelan said...

Coley , Zone Brats rock! :D I have several molas around here. I love them.

Judy, I would love to see a picture when you finish.

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