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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Abundant Life Soap (Updated)

Don't quote me on it, as the name of the company is not Abundant Life. It is actually the name of the blog. I have been reading The Abundant Life blog for a while now. We don't always agree, but Ma is great.

I like to help out when I can. So I would like to send you over to her blog, and not just for a visit either. Ma has sold her soaps locally for a while, and has repeat customers. However she has decided to branch out a bit, and is working on a website to sell online.

However Christmas is a comin'!

And they now have a name for their soaps!

Abundant Life Botanicals

If you want to give someone in your life some handmade natural soaps check out what The Abundant Life has to offer. 

The soaps are selling for .97 cents per oz

flat shipping rate 0f $4.97


Ma said...

Thanks Phelan! I appreciate it alot :) You'll be getting your package soon!

Phelan said...

You are welcome. And I am excited about it :D

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