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Saturday, November 05, 2011

We felt that here, OK (earthquake)

We just had an earthquake!

First one I have ever felt.

at 1053 pm (Saturday evening) central time Sparks, Ok had a 5.2 earthquake, and we felt it all the way up here north of Wichita, Kansas. ( they just updated it to a 5.6)

I hope you all are ok.

It lasted for 53secs here. Hopefully this was the main shock, and not a foreshock. I would hate to think they will be getting stronger.


lovelygrey said...

Hey great blog! We don't have earthquakes that frequently in England. I've only felt one and both me and a colleague accused each other of kicking the swivel chairs that we were sitting on. Hope everyone is safe.

johnnyb said...

Nothing in the NW part of the state.
We do have a small fault line in the eastern part of the county, so we have had small ones.

CrankyPuppy said...

Some folks are reporting feeling it here in Kansas City, but we didn't. Really odd to have it happen here in the midwest but, of course, we're always wondering in the back of our minds when that New Madrid fault is going to go off.

Fritz said...

We had one a little bigger than that one in August. The Mid-Atlantic rarely has earthquakes.

Kind of scary, huh?

TransFarmer said...

we felt it last night in southern IL. It tripped some vertigo for me and gave me a panic attack. I was in a rickety recliner when it happened. It really made me dizzy. I looked at my wife over on the couch and we both had that, do you feel that look. Personally, I was just glad it wasn't just me. I've been through tremors before, but none that have triggered vertigo for me. Took a while to get over it.

Anonymous said...

Scary... we live on a large fault and have been told to be prepared for the big one. I know it sounds sick, but I always pray that it happens at night, when we are all home, as we live up in an area where nothing will fall on us and we can be safe from the almost immediate tsunami that will follow it. Lots of stuff happening in our world right now that makes me wonder. Glad you are safe.

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