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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A miscellaneous kind of morning

I have managed to finish canning my refried beans, and the boston baked beans. Working on frijoles today. Calm down I will post recipes later.

Had to get up around 3 am to feed the fire, the temperature dropped below 20F! Woke before 6 am to a very frost covered ground. I thought I was ready for the cold because the summer was so brutal. But now I just want a comfortable temp.

Looks like we are going to have to drive to NW Missouri for hay. Husband is going to ask after a hauler today. If the price is right, we will do it. We have to balance out the good and bad. We can pay the triple price here for under weight and poor hay, or we can pay a normal price with full weight and good quality plus hauler expenses. We will just have to see what the hauler says.

Stephen bought me a place on the Bathhouse. ok, I know I am a dork, but it is a grand idea. My name has been on bathroom walls before, at least this time I get a say in what it says.  Thank you Stephen!

Oh and to my yarn friends, Rebecca (someone I have known for a century and a half) has opened up her own business. She even has a yarn club, kind of like a CSA. You can check it out here. She has some gorgeous colored yarn. Froebe Fibers.


The bell pepper jelly turned out just delicious!  It tastes like the candy lemon drops with a hint of pepper. Turns out I was not as traumatized as I thought after the sugaring experiment, and was able to eat it with out breaking out in opera. ~shudder~ just read part of the post. I never want to do that again.


Laura H said...

Sounds like COlorado weatehr? What was the temp inside?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the bad typing! Too much coffee!

Phelan said...

No worries, I can get all jittery too. We managed to keep the house at 62F. Though the way Husband complained you would have thought it was in the 40's.

We are dealing with a dust bowl day today. 45mph+

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