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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun with Boys

Medium is stretching his legs as a tattoo artist.

Straight on

They used my fabric paint. I warned them when I first saw it.

Side view

Now he itches.

Small decided to try his hand at it as well.



What else are you going to do on a cold day in the boonies?


kymber said...

those boys are amazingly artistic! and seeing these photos reminded me of how i have always wanted to be a tattoo artist - i even knew the name of my shop - it would be "kymberz inkwell" - and of course, no capital letters. they did a really great job and i am glad when parents foster such arty-ness in children.

good job Phelan. good job!

your friend,

(p.s.- i love the painted blue fingernails. i have fingernail polish in exactly that colour - teehee!)

Phelan said...

I had nothing to do with it. I caught them. Husband is the artist, I just manipulate words.

I can draw dead trees and lightening bolts though, oh and cracks. :D

I use to have that color too.

Stephen said...

Nice paint jobs. On a cold windy day, which I love, the wife watches Hallmark Christmas movies.

jambaloney said...

stained glass legs!!

awesome use of down time, they sure went for broke, no holding back!

i guess some body paint is on tap ;-)

Phelan said...

Stephen, I have been avoiding everything Christmas like it was the plague! Too early!!! :D

Jambolney, exactly what I told him when I saw it, stain glass. We have an airbrush, Husband is thinking about teaching him how to us it this winter, though I think our buddy Hooter should. We can get some body paint for that.

But it will probably end up on the walls.

Anonymous said...

..what else to do in the boonies..board games..not monopoly or anything but there are some great board games out there these mentioned caprica so I thought you might be geeky enough for the suggestion...some I like: carcassone, dominion, zombies, game of thrones..too many to I don't work for board game companies...but I am used to being bored in the boonies. hehe. If you were not actually looking for suggestions I am sorry. hehe

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