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Friday, October 28, 2011

Unripe tomato chili

This one is a cheater. Simple, chop up your tomatoes replacing the red's for the unripe. Only I had to go and try and get all experimental and fancy. yea, that didn't work.

I looked for a recipe that the base of the chili sounded like it would work well. With the unripened tomatoes you should really add a bit of sugar to help bring out the flavor. Unripe tomatoes are high is acidity and a bit tart.

The base recipe turned out to taste more like baked beans than chili that it was hard to save. But I think I got it at least reminiscent of chili flavor.

But the idea still stands, make an unripe tomato chili sauce. Green Chili!

I will do it again with Husband's chili recipe even though I don't like corn and green beans in my chili (he's a freak)

Today I am working on a dessert.


Kelly said...

That does sound a bit strange to me too. Hey, why not? Green tomato desert? I can't wait for this.

HossBoss said...

I never heard of 'Green Chili' until I lived in western Colorado. Apparently, it's a staple in southwestern Colorado and New Mexico. I love it but the green color comes from using green chili peppers ...don't know why you couldn't use green tomatoes as well. If you find the seasoning combination you like, why not can up green tomato sauce specifically for making Green Chili. Yum!

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