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Monday, September 12, 2011

Large learns a leason

We all know that teenagers can be a bit. . . well emotionally uncouth at times.  Large is no exception. He was a little ticked at me, and I ordered him off to do his evening chores.

Slam went the back door. I counted to 10 to calm myself before going off to find him and have him open and close the door quietly 10 times. A habit I picked up as a child. As I reached for the back door, Large poked his head in the front.

"I broke a chicken's neck." My first thought was why was he being so cruel to the animals. "It was an accident mom, the stupid thing was trying to get into the house I guess when I shut the back door". He said shut, not slam.

He wasn't sure that the bird was dead or not. And we had to go around a few times before he realized that I was not going to give in, he had to fix the situation. He learned how to butcher out a chicken.

He did well for his first time. And I was proud of him. We were able to turn a bad situation into a positive. Not only did he finally learn how to butcher a bird, but he learned that he had to take responsibly for his actions and that it was important for him to turn a wrong into a right.

Now let's see how long it takes for that lesson to be forgotten shall we.

And exhibit number 1 why we should not have idle time on our hands.

kitten chicken


SkippyMom said...

My father used to make us walk up and down the stairs 100 times if we ran down them and swung on the banister at the bottom [our weight was loosening it from the ceiling and it pissed him off.]

That doesn't sound like a "habit" you picked up from childhood, just a punishment to reinforce not to do it again.

Sorry he accidentally broke the chicken's neck. I guess that is one way to make him REALLY remember not to shut the door too hard.

Carolyn said...

Guess you're having unexpected chicken dinner. Glad it could be a learning experience (be it good or bad). And come on! The Angel Kitty is soooooooo cute!

Felinae said...

Sounds like a good learning experience, hopefully not one soon forgotten. I also think the angel kitty looked cute, it made me smile, anyway. :)

Phelan said...

Skippy, it happened so often that it became habitual for me.

You guys do realize those angel wings were ripped off a chicken, right?

mmpaints said...

ROFL! Large has a similar sense of humor to what floats around here. At least he learned something from it all.

Yart said...

Yep, I know where the wings came from... Still it is too damn funny seeing the angle kitten... LOL! At least a lesson was learned and the bird didn't go to waste.

Felinae said...

Yep, I knew the wings were from the chicken that was butchered, but it is still cute and funny, even Catman thought so. I had to show him the picture when he came from work. :)

(who has a very warped sense of humor) ;)

small farm girl said...

Good learning experience! Good idea! Oh, I like the angel kitty too. I'm just suprised it dosen't have chicken feet too. lol

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