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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Goings on

This year I am very happy with the school system. Last year I had a rant about the bully system that was in place. Policies have changed this year, thank goodness, but the reason I am very happy with them this year is all about Small.

I knew there was a problem. He didn't seem to be progressing like his brothers. But everyone tells you that you shouldn't compare. However, it just seemed like there was a problem. I got a call from the school at the end of last year, asking if they could do some tests to see if Small had a learning disorder, they too had seen a problem. I gave my permission, and at the start of this year they did their testing.

I went into the meeting super nervous, fearing the worse (we want your kid on meds). And started crying when the psychologist told me every thing I already knew, and that it isn't something that can't be worked on in a traditional school setting. I was so relieved that the tears just flowed out. Turns out Small has a low working memory. But he is of high intelligence. His recall just isn't there. They believe that with an extra 1 hour of special help, in class para help, and a break time when he starts to give up he will be back where he needs to be before the end of the school year. He will need to be taught "skills" to work around the lack of working memory (and I asked if I needed to feed him more fish in my nervous state) and he should flourish. All the teachers, principal and councilors at the meeting had nothing but high praise for Small. Which is always great to hear.

Our deck looks like a freakin' bunker. All the decking was removed, and just the structure has remained. Now Husband has dug a shallow trench around it and has walled up the three sides with 100 year old bridge planks. It comes about waist high right now.

He asked me where I want the gun slots.

Missy, the pig, has discovered that she can move her tractor around on her own. She seems content roaming around the yard to fresh greens (as it has been raining like Spring lately). She has also discovered that if she digs a small hole under her tractor that the chickens will come for a visit. Luckily the remaining birds have caught on to her tricks.

The business venture has come to a standstill as of right now. Waiting on my partner's equipment list. His is much more involved than mine. And I have been making inquiries into the buildings in town. Some people want outrageous amounts that I highly doubt they will get. And I have been talking with the city, they really want us in town, that too is always  nice to hear.


Unknown said...

Isn't it amazing how the higher ranks of each rung of the American Ladder seems to be so out of touch with reality! They'll sit on their duffs and refuse to accept "some" - better with "none" until they have to file bankruptcy! Amazing! We've watched so many businesses open and shut within a few months because of the high prices. And the rental prices... nuts. Do they not teach the principle of " Profit by Volume " any longer? Geeezzzz... Doesn't take much money anymore, if you check on who's not paying their property taxes! Sometimes, it's cheaper than renting! LOL

Phelan said...

It's fun talking to the real estate agents about the buildings. They keep reiterating that this price is very very negotiable. Apparently the owners have a grandiose view of what they can get for their buildings. While their agents are telling them to calm down a bit.

kymber said...

glad to hear that small's needs are being addressed and will be taken care of - BIG load off of your mind!

and glad to hear that your deck will contain something the likes of turrets - tell hubby to mount the cannon on the turrets!

can't wait to hear more about how the business venture is turning out!

your friend,

Bob from Athens said...

Heard about some guy that bought a foreclosed house for $52,000, then put about $10,000 and is trying to sell for $127,000. Average price in area is $72,000. Has had offer of $90,000 and turned it down. Greed and stupid business sense is a bad combination. Apparently thinks he is setting on a pot of gold and is not about to face reality.

HermitJim said...

I'm sure that the right place at the right price will come along sooner or later!

Glad to hear that things are starting to look up for you! Just hang in there.

trump said...

Thought id say hello from Amish country. Richard

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