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Friday, September 02, 2011

Cooling Weather and a birthday

The weatherman keeps teasing me. He says 107F today, 102F on Saturday, 93F on Sunday then 83F on Monday! We might be done with the 100F+ that we have been dealing with for almost 3 months. We broke our previous record set in 1936 for amount of 100F+ days in a summer. 53 days. I know not a much as Texas and their 60 odd some days. But it is plenty for us.

We found hay. A lot of hay. The man is willing to trade a calf and some cash for this years cuttings. We are taking him up on it, that means I don't have to butcher as many as we thought.

Speaking of butchering (I am tying things together rather neatly here) Since the temps are going to be cooler, we will be butchering turkeys, chickens and lambs this weekend.

And Medium will be turning 10 on Sunday. Happy Birthday to him!


Bob from Athens said...

About the hay, it is the same down here, there is SOME hay out there but it is not easy to find. Mostly it a friend of a friend that has it and is willing to sell it to a friend's friend at a reasonable price. Of course you have to haul it yourself and in one instance they had to cut and bail it and still paid $40 a bail. I don't know what to think about that cooler weather and rain that is supposed to be coming, our weather guessers have been talking about it for almost two weeks now, and they just keep delaying it for another couple of days. Maybe they will run out of excuses prety soon and admit they don't have a clue when it will get here.

Phelan said...

It's been difficult to find it. Husband just happened to be talking to the auto mechanic next to the bike shop, and turns out the guy farms. We are getting small square bales of prairie hay for $5 a bale. Not as bad as what some of the others are charging, but is jacked way up from last fall.

Our weather guesser (ha!) are pretty confident that this front is moving in this weekend. I so hope it's true. I need the break. I can't even can in the house. With the air conditioning going I can't get the inside temps under 85F. Canning in that is awful.

I hope you guys down south of me get a break soon.

Judy said...

Tell Medium Happy Birthday!
Glad to hear you found some hay!

Anonymous said...

Found out about your blog from one of my followers, Ellen. I like(and admire) what your doing.

you get a chance come visit the old man at

the rat

Art Blomquist said...

Hi Phelan, It's 52 degree's here after one of the coldest summers on record. We sure cold use some of our 107. However the Hay crop was amazing! Round bales are filling all the farmers pastures.

Hope you get a break from the heat.

Basic Humanity said...

Feel free to take our weather. It's been the coldest summer for 20 odd years and it's just raining like mad at the moment. Glad you found some hay, and happy birthday to medium! Your kids are lucky to have parents who are setting a great example of how hard work, discipline and a touch of insanity can help you achieve your dreams.

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