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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Things I think about

We had a nice Fourth of July celebration. We are getting up there in years (yep made me giggle too) and have opted out of the large parties. We blew things up and ate really well ( if I can toot my own horn). I do hope you all had a great one!

About once a year I suddenly have this what if he dies week. It's funny because recently we have been playing the what happens when I die game. But I do think about Husband. It's been almost 90 days since my small stroke, and so far so good. However there have been some scary things happen. (if so inclined I wrote about it over here).

Husband caught me talking out loud in my half sleep last night, and I had to fully confess what I was thinking about. What happens to me and the homestead if Husband should die before me?

It is a simple break down, the majority of the animals would have to be sold off. I would have to learn how to do the things Husband does, and I would be lost and very depressed without him, Since I have thought over the different scenarios for years, it is time to take the steps necessary to be able to survive without Husband. However Husband has promised not to die before me, so it is all for naught.

On some happier notes

I am now posting on Facebook for Husband's motorcycle Shop

And my children are odd.

Like that will help
ummm it's hailing

I was afraid to ask Medium what he was up to.

Future Leather Face?


Donna. W said...

I already know what I'd do if Cliff dies before me. I don't drive and have no business in the country with 42 acres. Everything would be sold and I would move to a town with senior citizen housing and an OATS bus.

Judy said...

The TV, DVDs and cable would be gone in a flash! LOL The kids use to worry about that when they were younger. Then I would probably divest and move to smaller digs. But I see the same thing happening if I went first(the moving!).

vlad said...

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FancyHorse said...

You're in my thoughts and prayers, Phelan.

The photos are ... interesting! The red eyes look somehow appropriate!

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