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Monday, July 18, 2011

Luckily we haven't lost as much as some Kansas Farmers

WICHITA, Kan.-- A heat wave that has pushed temperatures well over 100 degrees has killed tens of thousands of turkeys and chickens in Kansas and North Carolina and left farmers across the lower part of the country struggling to cool off their flocks.
In North Carolina, about 50,000 chickens died at a farm after the power went off for less than an hour. In Kansas, one couple lost 4,300 turkeys that took 26 hours to bury.
"It felt like a war zone. It felt like hell," turkey grower Holly Capron said.

Read the entire story here>>>;Kansas Poultry Farm Loses 4,300 Turkeys  (link fixed sorry)

or locally here KAKE

We have only lost about 10 chickens so far.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

it is very very sad, however, it's not a natural environment for birds that need to scratch around outside in the dirt. turkeys can be found wild in kansas, so i assume if they had a 'traditional' breed then they wouldn't have thousands of them factory farmed in barns, we need to pay more for food and pay farmers more to farm more naturally - still horrific for the farmers to have to deal with such horrific heat - love froogs xx

Phelan said...

True. However unless people stop buying from major food corps, farmers will do what they have to, to survive. A lot of the factory farms are doing immensely better with their facilities.

These farmers are indebted to the food corps. It is difficult for them to get out of that debt without losing everything.

We do have traditional breed of turkey here, many farms raise thousands of them.

Anonymous said...

It's not a crop animal situation but the heat did take my dog two weeks ago. I'm grief stricken. God I hope we get some rain in the next few days and drop the temperatures.

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