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Monday, June 20, 2011

Update From Phelan #2

Good afternoon!  Skippy here to give you another update from our friend Phelan.  She emailed the following to post. Enjoy and I hope you have a great day.

Hi everyone. Boy do I miss you guys. I am still with out a pc. And as money is tight, as in I have to have a budget, buying a new pc is not at the top of my list right now. Hopefully I can sell enough eggs in the next week to get back on.

So many things have been happening. i have been taking photos and videos of the events so that I can remember to tell you about it. I have been cooking up weeds and came up with some great recipes that I hope to share with you soon.

We have a total of 5 calves on at the homestead now.

yart (who you have met) she is a wild thing. Always into trouble. Then we have Yippee skippy. She is a cohort of Yart. They love the mud. Yogi the Bull is getting large and Yoda (bull) was born a few days ago. Shortly after that Urth birthed a little girl, we have yet to name her. (Hooter wants to name her Yo' Momma)

So be patient with me guys, I will be back asap, as my budget allows.

I thank Skippy for updating you for me.

And also, I am writing a homesteading book, yes, close those mouths. But I do need some help from you all. Could you leave in comments the most recent animal question that you have researched. (like why are her feathers falling out? or why does cow pee smell like warm green tea?) I would greatly appreciate it.

until next time my special ones (utopia still awaits) a bid you a fond farewell. 


Anonymous said...

Skippy, Thanks so much for this update. I was beginning to worry. Please tell Phelan that alrescate says hello and thanks for ruining my daily cup of green tea. ;)

Rae said...

Warm green tea?! Lol!

How about, "Why do my chickens sleep in their nest boxes and how do I stop it?".

Alex said...

Glad to hear from ya! No animals at my ponderosa....yet....wife willing. However, I've always wondered if there are any plants that goats will NOT eat?

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