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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mulch mulch mulch MULCH!!!

And that's when you wake up screaming.

We have a lot of mulch. And more is constantly showing up. We met a tree service guy. We set up a deal, whenever he is cutting trees in the area, he can drop it here. Most of the time, tree service companies have to pay to dump the mulch. So it is a good idea to call the tree service companies in your area, and let them know that you have a free dumping ground.

This tree service lives and works almost an hour from here, but is contracted with our electric company, so he goes where their poles are. We offered a place to park, saving him gas and money. I think he is now taking advantage of us, 1 hill is 6 feet by 10 feet wide, and 50 feet long! I can mulch the entire neighborhood!

We don't mind. We have mulched in all the trees, and a quarter of our 6,500 square feet garden. The walk ways for now. Once that's done, we will sift through the mulch, pick out the stringies and stick, and mulch in the veggies. This will save our food from drought at least. And I won't have to weed as much!

After mulching we contorted one of our apple trees. All it's branches are growing straight up. And with the apples  forming, more sun will help.

Weird looking Christmas tree.

I will leave you with a bit o' cute

Hooter was over and was doing a Jack Nickleson impression for our Lamb, who looks like the Joker.

That got us rolling!

Wait 'til they get a load of me

We have 6 kittens, all named after 1 of the 7 deadly sins. Together they make Pride.


We have named the bunny closest to the camera, What?.


Rivenfae said...

getting the free mulch sounds like a good idea! We might have to try that!

Rae said...

Lovin the daily dose of cute!

Phelan said...

Just be prepared fr the onslaught Rivenfae ;)

So am I Rae

becky said...

is that little bunny born with no ears how strange

Phelan said...

We aren't sure if he was born that way or a freeze got him. They were like that when they finally surfaced. We don't see any scarring.

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