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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I rejoiced and Danced in the Rain, for it was good

well, it only sprinkled. But we have severe storms popping up south and west of us. We should see storms here later today.

I seem to have a slight problem, no rain means few weeds to cook with. I am going to have to bend my own rules on this and create something using last years syrup.

I am making my own yeast.

Making another batch of soap.

Played with Yart yesterday. She runs with her tail straight up in the air.

I was worried about Courage, after 24 hours she still hadn't cleansed. (retained placenta). I watched her for sign of illness, but they never came. She cleansed out later that day.

Husband was seen head butting X (Ten the bull calf) Husband needs to watch those horns better, he got goosed with them.

Winona and Urth look like they will be calving in the next 30 days.

Signs of a cow getting ready for labor are pretty easy to spot once you get use to it. Their udders start swelling 30 days before the birth. They dimple their side under the spine near the tail. It's about man fist size. The vulva (that will get this blog blocked) and surrounding tissue will swell to the point that it looks like it is drooping.

I call Husband the Man that Stares at Cow Crotches. It's his Native name.

Once in labor, cow's personalities dictate what they do An old hat at birthing will never show you until it plops on the ground. While the heifers sometimes will be much more needy of you, or more independent. Some will act uncomfortable for days, while some only complain for a few hours. Best thing to do is to take note of you cows behavior. And see what changes occur right before you find that calf in the barn.

The pig is super needy. If she sees you she demands to be scratched. She doesn't care if she disturbs the neighbors or not.

Well that's all I got for now. Will be back when I have something to actually say.


becky said...

I love your husbands native name that made me laugh so hard

Phelan said...

It makes me giggle to. The look he gives me after I say it to him really get me rolling.

Thanks for the comment becky!

Anonymous said...

How do you make your yeast?

Phelan said...

I will have a post on it soon Farmwoman63.

Becky you should see the look he gives me when I call him that. :D

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