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Monday, May 09, 2011

How I Spent My Mother's Day

Gifts from Medium and large

Medium gave me the love notes, and Small the hand print tulip.

Of course I arose before anyone else, no breakfast in bed for me. Husband gave me a kiss, mumbled something about Mother's day and we were off.

I got my strawberry patch fenced in. Between the dogs and the turkeys the new plants kept getting pulled up! Husband worked on the temporary chick pen. We will only have these chicks for another months or two before butchering, so nothing fancy or permanent like the condo.

I moved a box of the hundred birds out to the pen. As I was shooing them through the door, the freaking roosters that have been separated out from the laying flock (for butcher) decided they couldn't restrain themselves. Here comes one jumping over my shoulder! I had to save the chick from the affection of the rooster. As that was happening, one of the chicks got passed me into the open world. Another rooster took advantage of this and my preoccupation with the other amorous rooster to attempt to sow his own oats. I had to stand guard while 4 roosters circled me. The top of the chick yard wasn't put up yet, and they figured out they could jump over top to get a little nookie. The roosters and I went rounds, they did their sexy fan dance, and I threatened to take their heads off with a 2x4. It was the ballet of the Homestead. Small and I managed to trick them into a holding pen. Life suddenly became so much easier.


Our matriarch, Mama, has been keeping Murial from eating. So Saturday evening we put Murial, XuXi and Courage Into the paddock. I moved Courage as well because she has been very skittish and I was wanting to train her to the milk stanchion. But the black cows are cookie whores and it is difficult to get only one cow.

We did get the bales we so desperately needed. 80 bales of prairie and 20 of alfalfa. Every morning I throw 1 bale to the Kerries, and 1 bale to the Milking short horns, each get half a bale of alfalfa. In the evening I have to throw one more bale to the Kerries. (I am setting up the story)

Yesterday I threw a bale to the Kerries, while Husband took one to the Milking shorthorns. Suddenly I hear, over the ruckus that the black cows were making, "what do we have here?" When ever Husband says that, it is always interesting. I dropped what I was doing, to the distress of Winston (bull), and ran to the paddock.

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Get your thinking caps on people, it is the year of the Y.

Courage had her calf! It's a little girl. A Mother's day calf. awww. . .

Mid afternoon I caught the men in my life taking a break

my men break taking

I am working my butt off and there they are.

Medium caught the first bullfrog of the season

Medium with bull frog

That is always a thrill for them, and Sprocket (hound mix dog). She is constantly chasing the frogs.

The rabbits have become alfalfa junkies. I took them a bit last night and discovered that they will stand on their hind legs and you can almost get them to turn circles, like a dancing dog. I will have them jumping through rings of fire before the week in up.

Husband and I took the bike out. The irises were in full bloom along the roadways. The smell was intoxicating. So much like spring even if our weather is more like August (100F here today) than May.

We BBQued for dinner. Was too hot to cook indoors.

We had a good day.

Hope your Mama's day was just as good!


Lisa said...

That sounds like a perfect day! Well, cept for the heat...but a great day! Your boys are wonderful Phelan! and I do have to say...Large looks just right with that shade of blue in his hair! Happy Mother's Day!

SkippyMom said...

That was quite the full day! Wonderful surprise in the new calf and she is a cutie too!

Glad you had a great day - The boys look great and tell them I really like your gifts :)

Yart said...

Ok, since it is the year of Y and no one else might even consider naming anything after my online name... how about Yart as the name for the calf... LOL!

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