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Monday, May 02, 2011

Had a great weekend

Nothing productive mind you. Just a great weekend with my boys.

Medium and I worked on his moon phases project. It is very cool. We made the phases of the moon using coffee grounds and rye seeds.

Large and I went anime. giggle. you'll just have to wait and see that one.

Small taught me how to ride really fast on his bike. I played along wonderfully.

Today I get Husband all to myself. I am sure he will put me to work.

If you haven't seen it yet, Lisa, of The Dilletane Proprietor, wrote about her gorgeous fencing solutions over on GgT

It has been too cool here to put out tomatoes or peppers or any other warm loving plants. The cool weather has push tornado season back, which is the plus, the negative is that we have had little to no rain. I am not use to watering this time of year. Hopefully May will be normal. But western Kansas has been having below freezing temps overnight. I really hope those don't push their way this way.

More than likely I will have some homesteading topics for you tomorrow, once Husband is done with me.

1 comment:

The Unusual Farmchick said...

wish I could throw some of these rainy days your way. Out of the last 3 weeks, just a handful of days were dry and it's the same for this week. BUT the temps are staying decent. ;) At least you have been able to enjoy your time with the kids. Mine are ready to burst the house seams if they have to stay inside one more day.
LOOVING the Fence Lisa posted. Very resourceful!

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