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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A bunch of useless info thrown together

Hopefully my yeast will be dried today and I can publish a post on making yeast for you all tomorrow.

Those of you that seemed to be interested in the black forest brownies, just chop up and add cherries to your favorite brownie recipe, almonds  and add some cream cheese if you like (I was out) (1 pk cream cheese fluffed with about 1/2 cup sugar. Pour brownie mix into pan, spoon out cream cheese on top and swirl in with a butter-knife)

1 of the 3 trees that was originally on this property has fruit on it. We have been here 10 years and this is the first time it has fruited. No idea what it is. The budding shape suggests peach, nectarine or plum. Guess we will find out this fall.

One of our thrown rotting apples produced a tree, it too has flowered and formed fruit. I'll have crab apples to work with this year.

However the rest of the orchard, sans the one two apple tree, failed to flower. The apple tree was able to cycle through before that last surprising frost. The rest wanted to, but wasn't allowed.

Xuxi somehow managed to find an intact baling wire. One that was slipped off rather than cut. I cut mine so not sure where this on came from. She was wearing it like a tie. We went to get her out of it, she spooked and stepped right out of it. Good thing to.

2 days left until summer break for the boys. I need to work extra hard with Small this summer. He is slow to grasp new ideas. But once he gets it, he goes! However this seems to be an issue for the school. So I need to get him ahead if possible.

Large graduated 8th grade! And I feel old! He will be in High school next year.

Medium isn't looking forward to Sumer, no friends close. We will have to try and make plans for him.

Roosters will be butchered this weekend. They are eating my blueberry bushes.

alright it has been awhile since I have asked, what do you want to know?


Mr. H. said...

Hmm...making yeast sounds interesting, I look forward to hearing more about it.

SkippyMom said...

Remind me when I visit to stay out o your blueberry bushes. heehee

HermitJim said...

You are always up to something new! Pretty cool, if you ask me!

Think I'll let you adopt me!

Anonymous said...

Write whatever you want, I'll read it....

Aunt D.

Alex said...

I want to know how the old Ford tractor is working out for y'all.

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