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Friday, March 25, 2011

Just been a planting

I was rather sick yesterday. But managed to get more seeds sowed out side.




bok choi




Here on out I will be planting until August. Husband brought home a large, well long, wooden crate from the shop. I planted carrots and peas in it, as I was having issues growing carrots in our soil in the garden area.

More planting to do today.

I seem to be known as the butcher girl. With Easter coming up I am getting more and more visitors looking at how to butcher there own goats. And 1 person found me by looking for "butchering woman flesh". I have yet to write a tutorial on that.


HermitJim said...

I don't know what bothers me most...the fact that she was looking for "butchering woman flesh" or that she would end up at your site while looking for that info!

Is there something you haven't told us?

Phelan said...

well Jim, if they managed to find it using those words, then apparently I have mentioned it :D

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