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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Findin' Eaten' Rabbits (or where to find meat rabbits)

2 people commented the other day about wanting to know how to go about getting their own meat rabbits.

We got ours in an unusual and not so recommended way. My Husband makes contact with a wide range of people in his business. And shop talk never stays on shop talk. Various things are mentioned, and eventually Husband will know that customers entire life story. See, when you love your motorcycle, you get picky about a mechanic. And since your life is in the hands of your mechanic, you tend to trust him or her, and feel a kinship. Husband is one of the more popular wrenches because he makes time for his customers. We get a lot o free stuff because of this.

One of Husband's customer discovered that we were interested in rabbits. Turns out that he had a population explosion and instead of butchering them out, they escaped or were released (I am not too sure of the story). He caught 7 of them for us, with a promise of more. We were lucky, they were all young and healthy as well as docile for "wild" rabbits.

My first suggestion to finding meat rabbits, is to talk to people you know.

Next look into 4H. Many of those kids have rabbits for sell for around $20.

Look in your local paper, including those free papers.

check bulletin boards at any store that has them (I've seen rabbit listings at laundromats in the past.)

Check for local breeders through ARBA

Pay attention to handmade roadside signs. We have several in our area offering rabbits for sale.

Farm markets can sometimes lead you to a find. (we have barn sales here)

And weekend livestock auctions or markets.

When you do find a dealer, make sure you are able to contact them later if you have any questions or problems regarding your new rabbits.


Rae said...

I've also seen them listed in the farm+garden section of craigslist.

Phelan said...

Thank you Rae, I knew I was missing something.

Jane said...

My hubby talked about raising some rabbits,but then changed his mind,I wish we had gotten them,sounds like a nice addition to our food choices.Blessings jane

Traci said...

Erin - would you be interested in reviewing a book about making your own chicken coop?
I'd love to send you a review copy. Please email me at
Thank you,
Traci, Publicist
Fox Chapel Publishing

SkippyMom said...

I am confused. Who is Traci talking to?

Great ideas Phelan. I love rabbit stew. We can find rabbit here at the market, unfortunately we don't have a local butcher because I am sure it would be better and more trustworthy. I won't buy it from the market.

Phelan said...

skippy, Traci is talking to me. Pen name for articles is Erin.

Parker said...

Hi Phelan :)

I got all of my rabbits from Craigslist - went and made sure the buns were healthy and friendly (ish)as I don't want mean animals around. I purchased from 4 different breeders, and to be honest, got lucky that they all were disease free so didn't make each other sick. I raise them colony style so they were a juvinile gang and soooo cute :)
Rabbits are a terrific meat source.

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