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Friday, February 04, 2011

This is a stick up

Still no water. But on the plus side, I woke to above 0F temperatures. I was surprised that the boys had school yesterday. When I woke it was -2F, when Large got on the bus it was -5F and when it was Small and Medium's turn, it was -7F. The city had shut down the schools because of the air and the wind chills, but our small town did not.

All I can say is I love our riding masks!

Husband and I bought them because of our Sparks America trip a few year ago. They are neoprene and so are water resistant. I soon discovered the benefits of wearing it to go milk in the cold. Cows didn't like it at first, I had to take it off once in the barn and coo to them. The next year we bought some for the boys. Large has an evil clown, Medium has blue lightening, and since Small is so, well. . . small, he got a half mask (covers nose and chin) with fire on it. The boys wear them like crazy. I could never get them to wear ski masks, but they readily wear these.

Looks like everyone made it through the several days of subzero temps. Something I am grateful for. I was worried that Uma (cow) would give birth during it as she is very close to dropping.

I have been drooling over the seed catalogs. We have everything planned out, have most the seeds needed (seed saved what I could last year) and will plant tomato seeds this weekend, along with onion , leeks and my black peppercorn. Our Seeding box has done wonderfully for us these past few years. However the light timer and the fan have seemed to shorted out. Husband would like to splurge and by a nicer timer. Like he needs my permission.

Today, I will be playing with feathers.


Anonymous said...

Y'all have it way worse than we do. You have my sympathies. Like the mask, wonder if I can get HB to wear one? (evil laugh). LOL

Phelan said...

I want pics if you do ! :D

Kelle said...

We all have neopream(sp?) masks, but they are only half masks. I like yours!

I know everyone that's been hit by this storm is suffering, especially the animals that are NOT used to this weather. Our animals and ourselves are used to temps well below zero,but -56F below due to windchill( temp w/o wind was -22) is HORRIBLE!

Keep warm and safe, praying your cow holds off for nicer weather.

SkippyMom said...

Girl those are some seriously beautiful blue eyes! :)

I am praying for warmer weather for you all. Take care.

Phelan said...

oh Kelle, you're just trying to one up me aren't you? oh, husband says to make sure you resend us your snail mail addy because I tend to lose things.

Skippy, ha! I've had strangers walk up to me to tell me that. But I think husband's are much pretty than mine, almost husky like. (thank you by th bye)

Buttons said...

Hello My cows are getting used to me with a mask on. I am in Canada and it is cold. I have been having calves for 2 months now they are all doin fine. Nice blog.

Phelan said...

Hi Buttons. My cows are use to the mask now, in the begging though they didn't trust it. I am glad to hear your calves are doing well. I peaked over at your blog it's great!

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