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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review of the Kountry Kitchen by King (meat band saw)

I am highly disappointed in this product.

However if you are looking for something to cut up your large pieces of pot roast, then it works wonderfully. I looked over the box, searched through the “owners manual” and no where does it say that this product is not intended to cut through bone. When thee blade hits the bone, it turns, not only do you get zig zagging cuts but the blade also cuts into it’s own aluminum base. There is no way to keep the blade from doing this.(we are not incompetent around band saws). And like all the other reviews I have seen about home meat saws, the blade falls from the track often.

We ended up deboning all our meat by hand, and using the saw to only cut the meat into roasts and steaks. The grinder works beautifully, hands down beating a hand cranked grinder.

If you can’t afford to buy a commercial meat band saw then I would highly recommend buying a Saws-all. Cuts trough bone like butter, leaving gorgeous steaks in it’s wake.


Rivenfae said...

LOL I read this out loud to my boy friend and he laughed about the Saws-all; he goes. "Yep that'll cut through it.

Phelan said...

We used the saws all on the pig we butcher, made wonderful pork chops. Never seen a prettier cut. But alas, our saws-all was stolen. Husband will be purchasing a new one to finish the cow.

Michelle said...

Well, rats. I'm sorry. It stinks when tools don't do the job we need them to do! Good luck with the saws all.

Parker said...

Thank you for the Saws-all hint! I was wondering how to handle the sheep I'll be getting soon.


Phelan said...

If using a saws-all I recommend DeWalt. And be sure to use the wood blade. Works the best

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