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Friday, January 07, 2011

White Trash with a Purpose episode #13

I have been thinking on it and I believe that Husband needs his own tv program. You paying attention DIY Network? I mean the way he can take "trash" and turn it into something very useful is simply amazing to me.

The Hanging box

Here is a tip for you, contractors will throw out privacy fencing material if it is flawed, crack or just plain unpleasant. The ones that are cracked, as long as it isn't more than half way up, can be used for many other projects.

Now the Hanging box is wonderful for dry aging meats that hang no longer than 48 hours. Longer than that and you will need to regulate the temperature better.

Hanging Box

Right now it holds four 20lbs turkeys easily. Later hooks will be added to hang smaller animals, as well as being plumed into some piping and a fire box to be used as a smoker.

The Linen Closet.

Many of you know that we live in a single wide trailer. The single most thing I hate about the homestead. We have finally resigned ourselves to the fact that because of the lay off we will be unable to build our dream house for a few years. Because of this fact we have decided to customize the aging mobile home. First is my linen closet. I do have a set of cabinets in the bathroom. Not enough room! Not only in the cabinets but also cramps up the bathroom.

Using old window sills and warped wood flooring, Husband created this for me.


The boys room.

For some strange reason, the people we bought the homestead from decided to take the closet with them. There was no doors, no shelves, no rail. I never figured that one out. We used it as part of the room rather than a closet. But the boys are getting bigger and acquiring more items.

boys room

A little paint and some cabinet doors to hide the blankets and seasonal clothing, it should be very pleasant to behold. He also has plans on building cubbyholes into the bottom for shoes and toys. It was built using dry wall that was removed from the closet (it had about 3 feet sticking out causing a large cubby area) window sills, wood flooring and pvc pipe. The shelf is strong enough to hold a television.

Total price for all 3? $0


HermitJim said...

Pretty clever guy, I think! You just have to love that Ol' fashioned "redneck recycling"...sure gets a lot of needful things built!

Looks pretty good to me!

Vegetable Garden Cook said...

I love this!

Wendy said...

Awesome! I love seeing innovation at work. Use what you got ... that's what I say :).

SkippyMom said...

Love, love, love. Always fun to recycle.

My favorite has always been your chicken house. I crack up everytime I see them staring out of the sliding glass door. Perfection and very high rent.

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