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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Jingle of a Dog's Collar Would be Good Right here

Honestly, I am not sure what to tell you this morning. You want to hear how difficult it is to get Large up in the mornings? That my boys have taken up mooing to protest their chores or schoolwork?

Oh I know, how about me running like a frightened school girl (squealing as well) away from the two large Tom Turkeys?

We did lose a sheep to the cold. And I found blood on Murial's ear, looks like a dog bite. We do have untrained Hanging tree dogs running the neighborhood. I have been worried about them biting the ankles of my girls, forgot about the ears.

What about Small getting bullied at school? The teachers are all over it now that they know it is going on. Small is so concern about getting into trouble with his teacher that he doesn't say anything when it happens. And I know Small can take the boy. He fist-a-cuffs with Large (7yr old vs 13 yr old) and tends to win. Small is built like a Boxing Irishman, and isn't scared of a bit of rough and tumble, but he knows he shouldn't hit others. So saves it for his brothers. Will need to work on it's ok to defend yourself.

Medium is at a don't want to, don' care to, no matter the groundings or anything else stage. Nope ain't going to happen.

You want to hear my thoughts on raising children?

No, good because I didn't want to hear it either.

I did get a phone call from the grandfather of one of Medium and Small's friends. He wanted to tell me how polite and well mannered my boys were. And what a delight it was to have them visit. My jaw dropped. They are little hellions when they are home. But it does tell me that I am raising them right, somewhere along the way. It also tells me, that other parents in the area are raising their kids a bit differently.

Working on a few projects of my own, but think I will tell you about those when they are finished.


qandlequeen said...

Those random comments about your wonderful children and angelic behavior always arrive when you're convinced they're going to literally kill each other or are bound for a life of failure because they'll drop out of school, live on skid row and become beggars. Or in jail. There's hope and yes, you're doing a good job.

Phelan said...

lol. Large has dug a mock grave for Medium before.

Anonymous said...

Hanging tree dogs? What?

Phelan said...

Hangin tree cowdogs are a breed of dog. You can read more about them here, About the breed

Mike Caines said...

Hang in there with the kids. I went through similar, and they all turned out OK when they grew up. I know that's easy to say since I'm past that stage, but it's true.

You'll remember mostly the good stuff.

Rae said...

Lol. My brother was a little @&$! when we were growing up. Yet his friend's parent would say the same thing... So polite, such good manners... had my mom baffled! Thanks for the Friday morning flashback to grade school!

Bob from Athens said...

I had the same gettin up problem with my son. He knew that no matter what time he got up we would jump in the car and take him to school so he would not be tardy. Well we decided that he was old enough to sleep in so he was old enough to figure out how to get to school, mostly walking about two miles. After about a week the school called wanting to know what was going on so we told them. They agreed to take over the punishment phase, after a couple of weeks he was up early every morning, never late again. Apparently he did not like what ever the school was doing.

Lamb said...

I discovered the cure for my kids sleeping in YEARS ago.
Get a bag of marbles, or, better yet, marble sized steel ball bearings.
Put them in a cup.
Put cup in freezer.
Next morning, if child does not want to leave warm bed....pull up covers and dump cold marbles in bed with child.
Get the hell outta the room! Child will begin a thrashing about in that bed that is rather violent in nature!
Well, have you ever tried to get away from an icy marble in your bed, much less a full cup of them?
Oh, and put a second cup in the freezer for back-up...

P~ said...

I laughed at this one Phelan! you could have just been writing about my three boys (13, 14 15). personalities must match the ages.
We get the same kind of comments from folks about our boys and wonder which boys were at their house, because it doesn't sounds like ours. great post.

SkippyMom said...

I have told you before Phelan - isn't it great to hear you have nice kids.

It is my favorite compliment. Any kid can be smart or pretty/handsome but not all kids are raised right.

Hope all is safe and quiet tonight. Take care and please try and stay warm.

Parker said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your sheep. How many/what kind of critters do you have hanging around these days (not including the human ones, heh)? I'm especially curious about the dogs you own now - they seem to be doing their job well with no problems. Don't you wish all the dogs in the area were under control of a responsible owner?!

Your children sound like they are really well adjusted and good kids. Home with family is the best place for them to act up and work out their feelings, and I think it shows they feel safe there with you and their dad. I agree with the other comments that the fact that they know their manners while out and about shows you are doing a good job raising them.

Love the image of running and squealing from the turkeys, hah!

Take care,

Sandra said...

Clearly whatever it is you are doing that you don't know you're doing is working, so go with that!

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