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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Snow Of the Season

We got about 5 inches of snow yesterday.

Dawn in our first snow of the year

Easy enough to deal with. It is the 2F windchill -9f that we had to prepare for and now suffer with. 15F will be the warmest for a few days.

Bob Dole and Donkey

Bob Dole (left) and Donkey (right) Found it better to hang out behind a field car, staying out of the wind.

Prep was simple, as prepping for winter seems like all we do around here. Everyone got extra food, bedding and we made sure their water was topped off. Good Neighbor came by and we went and retrieved a fresh bale for us, a smaller bale for good neighbor and a third bale to stay on the spike just in case.

All of em

I went into town and bought junk food and rented movies. It seemed I was the only one buying said items, as everyone else chose the healthier stuff. If I am going to be trapped in a house for 3 days with the boys, I think I would like to try and make it pleasant. We got things like chips, and items to make dip, as well as my husband's must have Little Debbie's. My pantry is well stocked, so this was purely a self indulgent trip.

The snow started in the late afternoon on Sunday. Nice fluffy things. By the morning we had 3-4 inches, but the roads weren't too awful. So I was surprised to see that the local schools were shut down. Turns out a power pole had been involved with a hit and run accident. They rerouted the power and a transformer blew. The majority of the town had no power.

It was a little too cold to play in the snow.

Courage and Xuxi

By 3 pm the snow returned and it was hard almost pellet like. The wind picked up, and the snow was now officially stinging any exposed flesh.



Alas! You still have to do your chores in it. Doesn't matter if schools are closed, or there is no way you can get to work, you still have to march your happy self out to the field or barn and make sure that all your critters are doing well.

But this morning, I think I will wait until it hits 5F before venturing out.


Wren said...

Ugg, I remember those days. We don't have the weather extremes that you do, but low 20's is major when it's so unusual.

I remember one week when we got down to 8ยบ and windy, and we had to feed and water 100 hogs. We spent 15 minute shifts trying to thaw out waterers with a hair dryer. You have my sympathy!

Wren said...

I forgot to say that we beat you on the snow. We had our first snow on Sunday-over an inch! But it melted before dark.

Bob from Athens said...

I remember being station there in Wichita while in the USAF, seems it never snowed straight down, it was always coming from the side at about 20 to 30 mph. I was an equipment repair airman for the missle sites so I got to know the area around there pretty well.

Phelan said...

I have heard it told that in some places snow falls straight from the sky. I have never seen such a thing. haha!

SkippyMom said...

Is that the chicken house with light - I am LOVING it. Looks so warm and cozy, as I am sure it is. Neat.

Sorry it is so freaking cold there with snow, but the pictures are lovely. Love the cows covered in flakes. Especially the baby eating.

Try and stay warm! [And we do the same thing you do - always, always snacks in lieu of bread, milk and toilet paper. I always that stuff.]

FancyHorse said...

Your animals look so unhappy. I hope you and they will come out all right.

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