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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baker Creek Heritage Days

Husband and I have been discussing it and we will be attending one of the Baker Creek Heirloom Heritage day festival that happens every 1st Sunday of the month between March and November. But I am not sure when we will be going.

Anyone want to go along? Or is planning on going? That might help us make our decision on when. Or maybe not, ~wry grin~

We do want to go. I figure we spend a lot of money there, might as well see the place, and it isn't too awful far from the homestead.


justme27 said...

Oh, how cool! We went last year for the spring planting festival in May. It was a lot of fun.

Rivenfae said...

OH which one? in Missouri? That Baker Creek is practically down the road from us!

Phelan said...

Yes, in MO. I am just over the border in KS.

Kelle said...

Oh how I'd love to go, but.... not possible :o( Hey! could I ask you a favor? When you go, could I have you pick me up a few packets of seeds? I've requested their cataloge twice, because I didn't receive one this year and still I have not received one.

It's only one variety that I'm after and not even sure if they carry it anymore. It's called "New Zealand Spinach". It's not really a spinach, but tastes similar and is very hardy, not bolting when the heat kicks in and produces and produces.
Last years garden was so cool, it didn't go to seed like usual. It is a perennial, so I was praying some comes up in the Spring, but it would be nice to have seeds for back up.
If you'd be willing to do this three packages please and let me know the cost plus shipping and I'll get the $$ to you ASAP.
You can email me okay?


Phelan said...

Shouldn't be a problem Kelle, you just might want to send me a reminder.

Carolyn Renee said...

We haven't been there in three years, but it seems that it keeps getting bigger & better. Just make sure not to wait too long to go because we went later in the season & most of the seeds I wanted were already gone. Going into their seed barn is like being a kid in a candy store!

Stephanie said...

Me and some friends are looking to go in May!!!

Phelan said...

Does that mean I should go in May?

Kelle said...

OH! Thanks Phelan, I'll keep my eyes peeled for new of your trip to Baker Creek.

Thanks again, I'm so excited about having seeds for the New Zealand Spinach again.


Anonymous said...

If you go please let me know because that's not too far from me. (Will you go to Laura Ingalls Wilder's house while you're there?)


Phelan said...

Alrescate, only if you let us camp at your place. Otherwise I ain't tellin' ya ;)

monica said...

Hey M.P....we are planning on going to the festival this year. The one on May 1st if I remember correctly. We have a pickup to make out that way and if all goes well we will be there. think you might??

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