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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What I did on my Monday

Yesterday Husband and I finished up the chicken condo. Given them a nice little run.

Picture 006
I'm not into this free range chickening. We have lost too many of our birds over the years. While I am outside and can keep an eye on them, I will allow them to run the yard, but otherwise, the have full any time access to the outside world. And we feed them power tools.
Picture 008

Of course they suddenly forgot how to use the ladder. Not like they have one inside and use it all the time or anything. After dark I went out to see what they had decided to do. Most of them had decided to curl up in the right hand corner of your screen, next to that cinder block. I began chicken wrangling. Got the ones under the corner, but some of the slippery buggers decided to go further under the coop. At one point I am scooping dirt up with my belt. I lovely sensation I must say. We turned a light on in the coop to get them to maybe understand what needed to be done. The Brahamas caught on quickly, those white rhode's are another story. We find them finger.

Local farm store had chicks in. We decided to grab a few. These guys grow a lot faster than my other birds. Small thinks they want to play a round of horse shoes.

Picture 009


SkippyMom said...

As much as admire that coop [and you know I do] I have no idea what the finger comment meant nor why Small wants to play horseshoes with them.

Sorry. Nice job securing them tho'.

Phelan said...

purple thing on the left side of chick pic is a plastic horse shoe. The white birds will try to swallow your fingers whole.

Kelle said...

Way to reuse and reclaim something for yet another use!

Thanks for the invite, they are GREAT! We can't physically make it there but will be there in "spirit"*wink* We'll be waiting for the pictures :o)

small farm girl said...

Love the chicken coop. It just showes what a person can do with the things they have. lol

SkippyMom said...

Gothcha! Now who is the neophyte here Phelan? Hmmmm? heehee

City Sister said...

What a great coop. We are revamping our coop in a couple of weeks to prep for winter.

Art Blomquist said...

"..feed them power tools"?.. I'm afraid to even leave my power tools around the chickens. I was using a sawzall the other day and noticed one of the hens paying particular attention..

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