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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Wedding Update

I think I will make Sundays wedding update day.

I didn't win the dress. But not too concerned, It would have been nice, yes, but I won a bid on this gorgeous gypsy skirt that will go perfectly as a shieldbride outfit.

I have a friend willing to make the cloak I showed you for the price of material. (her wedding gift to me) She has also offered us some henna tats for the occasion. My maid of honor is thrilled about that. She has never had it done before.

We have a band. A friend of ours. We have known the guys in the band 14+ years, depending on if it was me or Husband that knew them from school or from meeting them through each other.

Hooter, he is our usher rather than our preacher, proclaims h is dressing up like a woman but refuses to shave. I tried to talk him into waxing his legs, but he wouldn't do it.

I also have a new Bride's maid, my niece in law. We also have several people carving Jack o' lantern's for the big day. I want lots of them, rather then just the plain candle motif. Scary ones, pretty ones, all of them.

I bought Husband a ring as well. He can't wear rings for work, so I wasn't too worried about it having to be super duper special. I got him a stainless steel black ring with white Celtic knots. Made in Ireland, sold to be by a man named Liam.

And I think I have the menu done.


HermitJim said...

Sounds like the plans are all coming together! I think it's going to be a hoot!

Be sure to have someone take a LOT of pictures!

Anonymous said...

I have to say something completely honest and kinda harsh. I started reading this blog a couple of months ago. I went back to the beginning and truly enjoyed reading it until several months back...the tone of the blog has changed. It seems like you no longer really take pleasure in writing this blog. It feels like the life has gone out of this blog. I miss canning stories, pictures of the animals, the fumbles and joys of the homesteading life. Lastly, we read a post that all of a sudden the homestead or farmstead isn't working out. Done, finished...then no explanation.

Phelan said...

The homestead isn't done. I still live on it. The farmstead fell through. And is still a little raw. you weren't harsh. I know this. I just haven't been as adventurous as of late.

Anonymous said...

Phelan, I haven't been by for many months. So sorry about the family troubles, but CONGRATS on the upcoming wedding! You go girl! Post lots of pics.

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