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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something besides food, kind of

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Large finished his mask for Halloween. Can you guess who it is? If so well then. . . dork. No no, I will just tell you that Large loves you, and doesn't think that all adults are lame.

Tomorrow is butchering day. It will be the coolest of the week. Husband will kill things before leaving for work, and leave to dress everything out all by my lonesome.

I have a cold sore, nice.

No one is bothering to RSVP. Only 2 of 50 have. I know more than the 2 are coming, but it would have been nice if they could have told me. Some of the others I am assuming are coming because they tend to just show up. I found out through my mother that my brother and his family aren't coming. Interesting as we all are on Facebook together and they could have easily pointed out that they feared it too cold for the babies and will not be attending. But ~shrug~ tis the way of my family I guess. (I do have a warm house and an intercom system).

My mother came by yesterday. Guess we are talking again, good. She came to decide on how to do my make up. It is a bit much, asked to tone it down a bit. I want to be starlit dead, not Halloween ghoul. But the general quicky looked good. Reminded me of The Corpse Bride.

I am starting to feel a little silly about the whole thing. But we do tend to be a bit silly around here and will feel better about it the morning of.

I'm a little sleepy now.


HermitJim said...

Maybe if you think of it as a Halloween party for grown-ups, you won't feel silly!

Probably just nerves! Glad that Mom is talking to ya again! Always nice to have Mom around...well, almost always!

Sure wish I was close enough to drop in, but that's a long drive!

Have fun, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. I thought I had sent my RSVP but I probably didn't. Sorry! ~alrescate

SkippyMom said...

I already told you we can't come - but I know I am not included in that fifty, heehee - but that is terribly RUDE not to let you know, I mean how do you plan for food/drink? And what is this "too cold for babies" b.s.? Seriously, don't they own snowsuits or bunting or I don't know, blankets? None of my kids ever froze to death on Halloween. Jeesh. [I am just kidding - I just want it to be a full house, rocking wedding for you and it IS rude not to RSVP to a wedding.]
Can't wait to see all the festivities! [And check your email!]

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