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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Peacher Man

Remember Pastor Mike? The one that had taught me how to make soap? Husband asked him if he would do our wedding ceremony, unfortunately Pastor Mike says he is only a preacher man, he doesn't do weddings. Then he offered up the youth pastor at his church, Pastor Mark.

We asked Mike a month ago, and just got Mark's card 1 week ago. I called on Monday and set up an appointment. I was a little worried, with only 2 weeks left before the big to do, and it being Halloween and all I was concerned he wouldn't do it. We have a ordained biker lined up if that was the case.

Last night Husband and I met with Pastor Mark. He set up a movie for the boys to watch as we went to his office to talk. He asked us some questioned, gleaning a bit of info about us. Then talked about the wedding. He reiterated over and over that it was about us, not about family or guests. Which I know he was trying to make us feel better about a few things going on with our lives, and I appreciate that.

Pastor Mark seemed excited about the whole thing. He told us several times that he has only done very formal church weddings, never something so informal. He told us that normally he reads a long passage from the bible about how the husband should treat the wife, but he says it seems like he is always lecturing people and would forgo that little speech. I told him he should give the speech to husband anyway. Husband said that the fact that we have been together longer than most people meant he was doing something right.

We had to explain homesteading to him. He had not heard that term and wanted to put us in the naturalist green group. I explained that we were salt not green and the differences. Husband explained we were not survivalists or hippies (that cracked him up. Just looking at us you could tell he said) Pastor Mark was raised Mennonite, so he seemed to understand what a homesteader was.

Pastor Mike forgot to tell Mark that this was a masquerade ball. I tensed a bit because I thought he had that info. But Pastor Mark suddenly announce he would dress up like a hooker! That got husband rolling. I suggested Beetlejuice.

Pastor Mark waved the hooker suggestion off, claiming he was jesting, but he would dress up in costume after all. That is much more than I had hoped for. Preacher man is going in costume.

I was impressed with Pastor Mark, he seems to be truly looking forward to the wedding. He loves the informality of it, the traditional (old old school) Irish part of it. He says he will keep it short and fun, as what seems to be called for.

I am so relieved.

I have also planned a very traditional breaking of bread before dinner. He seemed to have never heard this being done before. He is right, it isn't an American tradition but many cultures do it. He seemed interested in it and has agreed to participate in it. My wedding might not be a glamorous white American wedding, but it is close to what I would call my dream wedding.


mallardhen said...

It is your drean and your wedding, go for it. I wish you all the best.


jules said...

Can you explain the bread breaking part? I've not heard of that either.

Gosh, it all seems to be coming together nicely. I sure wish I was where you will be at Halloween. Sounds like a rockin' wedding!

Phelan said...

Breaking bread is a tradition of peace and showing partnership. One person breaks a piece of a loaf off and passes the remaining loaf to their partner or guest.

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