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Sunday, October 17, 2010

General Wedding Update

Talk about a little stressed out! 2 weeks until the big day and my corset doesn't fit. Apparently Japanese sizes run a whole lot smaller than American sizes, go figure, huh? so here's the plan. I will wear pasties and go as a murdered stripper. That will work. Or throw on a blouse and go as a clubbing cowgirl. I think the first choice will be a crowd pleaser though. Or I can try and find a decent looking cheap corset at a local porn store. Maybe pick up a maid of honor gift while there. ha!

I went and got my boots that I liked. Something I can wear on the bike as well. Which I did the other day. and melted a bit of the boots sole. I was not happy with husband, as he was giggling about it. It isn't so bad as to be real noticeable, nor mess with my walking. But the point is, it happened. Husband says there is a hot spot were my boot had been pushed up against that heats his leg up as well. He plans on putting on a small heat shield over that spot. Speaking of riding, we had gone out on Friday morning. My car was in the shop and ready to be picked up. As we were riding, the clutch cable broke. There was little trouble riding on the highway with it, but as soon as we had to get onto the main roads we had to slam into gears. That hurt. I held onto the sissy bar, yanking my shoulder out of it's socket. But as we had gone over one of the over passes, I saw a car flipped on it's side. A little slamming around isn't as bad as what happened to those poor people.

I ordered smaller plastic versions of Husband and I's wedding goblets for the wedding party, as well as some dessert plates, napkins and plastic Halloween cups. They were out of matching dinner plates, so I am on the hunt for something today, as well as plastic tableware. We are eating outside, I really don't want anything fancy and I don't have enough silverware for the party.

Medium changed his mind about what he wanted to be, so had to pick up some glue on devil horns for him. Picked up some wound makeup for my costume, and looked about for body parts and other things that I might pick up the day before the wedding as everything will be cheaper at that time.

I have yet to hear back from the woman that said she would make my cloak and am real nervous about that.

I finally got the number of the youth minister and will call him Monday. If he can't do it, Hooter has a biker Preacher that will do it for $50. Maybe he has an interesting road name as well.


HermitJim said...

Everything seems to be moving right along! Last minute surprises will happen, no matter what!

Hope things continue to go well, my friend!

SkippyMom said...

Do you know what kind of search hits you are going to get with the phrase "looked around for body parts" heehee

Sorry about the corset - seems anything wedding-y runs small, even here in the states.

We are having fun with you candy and it will be along this week.

[I just threw that in to get you a couple more weird search hits for the line "having fun with candy" - but seriously it is coming along.]

Have fun!

Catman said...

Pictures....we wanna see pictures

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