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Friday, October 29, 2010


Hooter asked me if we were jumping into the marriage. It seems so soon, he told me. He asked if the boys liked him (Husband) because it was important that they did. How well do I know husband? Am I sure he is the one?

I couldn't breath because of the laughing.

The boys do like Husband (their father) and have been making decorations for the event.

We have some Day of the Dead Skull masks
Day of the Dead

And some Boot Hill like tombstones.


VADutchman said...

I am sure that Pastor Mark is going to do a fine job, but this post ably demonstrates one of the reasons I voted for Hooter as the preacher... although at the time I think my main thought was that it would be priceless family history to be able to say that you were married by a guy named Hooter... :P

Good luck this weekend, and gratz in advance!

kath said...

Good Luck tomorrow! I hope everything goes perfectly! Can't wait to read about it!

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