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Friday, August 20, 2010

It was Sam's adventure

Sam, for those that don't know, is our horse.

Our Good Neighbor decided he now longer wished to mow, and with that a gate was put in between our back fields and Sam and the cows have been grazing there. Every night, just before dark, I call everyone back in, and shut the gate.

Sam is glutenous. Comes from being a horse. Yesterday morning I walked out to open the gate. The cows were standing around, being impatient about the ritual. Sam however had decided to take matters into her own hand. She tried to step over the cattle fencing. She ended up with one leg tangles through the top link and through the horse wire on good neighbor's side. I had to cut the fencing to get her leg out. I told her that next time she needed to jump, not step over the fence. Wonder what has happened this morning.

For those of you that have canned enough of the tradition veggie recipes, I have a list of unusual ketchup's, with recipes and what they are good with here>>>You say Ketchup - I say what kind.


Stephanie said...

Leave it to a horse! LOL! We had a horse and pony when I was growing up...the horse always jumped the fence. We still don't know how the pony got out...maybe the horse let him climb on his back to get over the fence rofl!

HermitJim said...

Amazing how long an animal's memory is when it comes to food!

Guess that the "grass really is greener on the other side"!

Well, if nothing else he's getting some good exercise, right?

Lamb said...

We had a Shetland pony when we were kids that stayed at my grandad's farm. Cussed thing insisted on tangling itself in fencing dang near every day, it seemed. Of course, when we tried to ride her, she would scrape us off on the fence, the apple tree, the side of the barn...whatever she could find. I still have a few scars, lol!
Oh...I forgot to ask you how I access the gift certificate I won for that place--CSN store and how I get the nachomama tee? I don't remember if I gave you my email!

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