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Thursday, August 26, 2010

HotHouse Flower by Margot Berwin

HotHouse Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire is one woman’s journey from the modeling and advertising world of New York City to the rain forests of the Yucatan Peninsula. From the hot and steamy plant dealers in the Union Square Green Market, to the curanderos, herbalists and shamans of Southern Mexico

Now this is a book I probably would have never picked up. I am a title person, if the title doesn't call me, then the book tends to get bypassed unless someone recommends it or I have read everything else that appeals to me. So when I was sent this book, I tried to set aside my it's gonna be a chick lit book.

I sat down and read the entire book in a couple of hours.

Surprise surprise! The book is well written and should appeal to many Fantasy genre geeks. A modern day fantasy and self exploration novel. It keeps your interest and goes into detail about the exotics that it covers without the words blurring into boringness.

I loathe critiquing other people's babies. I know how it can feel, but there is little negative to be said about the book. The lead Lila is annoying as can be. Many times you want to slap her and inform her she is behaving like a child. However if she didn't behave this way, she would not have the adventure she has. By the end of the book, she still needs to be slapped.

I even read a passage out loud to Husband, he smiled. And he is not a reader.

If you would like to win a copy of this book, leave me a comment. in 2 days time I will hold a drawing for a winner.

Thanks to TLC Book Tours for the book. To see more reviews, go here.


Bob Westbrook said...

Here's a comment. At first I figured the book was about growing things in a greenhouse and ever wanting to learn was interested. Fiction? Hmmm, I don't read much but have been told I should to exercise the damaged portions of my brain so figure, what the hec, If I win I win If I don't at least I said "HI PHELAN" So Hi

Margot said...

I just woke up and read this review of my novel. Thank you so much-you made my morning!
I'm glad you liked the book. I've heard that comment about Lila before, but you're the first person who understood why I made her like that. It wouldn't be an adventure otherwise..
I swear in the book I'm working on now, the protagonist is NOT annoying.

Anyway..The review is so much appreciated.

If anyone reading it wants to connect and chat about publishing or writing or the book itself, you can reach me on facebook. I get back to everyone I can.

See y'all in the hothouse
Margot Berwin

oh, by the way, reading your blog right now...and loving it.

SkippyMom said...

How cool is it that the author read your review and agrees! WOOT.

Now I really want to know why Lila is so annoying. heehee

Have a good one.

Phelan said...

Bob, reading anything I can get my hands on seems to help me greatly. And writing daily as well. Our damage is different, mine not so severe, but I would think it would help you as well. and HI BOB!

Thank you for stopping by Margot. And yes I did enjoy the book. Sorry that the review was short, but I am dealing with a migraine this morning and not up to par in the thinking department. I don't mind annoying protagonists, it keeps things interesting.

Hi Skippy! I think it's pretty cool too.

Margot said...

I hope you feel a lot better soon.. And your review was great!

goatlady said...

The book looks like an interesting read. I get into trouble sometimes because I like read more then interacting with people.

owlfan said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I always like fantasy. It's super cool to have the author visit your blog!

Heather J. @ TLC Books said...

"A modern day fantasy and self exploration novel." Ooh I LOVE that description! If I didn't already want to read it that comment along would have convinced me.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the book - thanks for being a part of the tour.

Mallory said...

Hey, Phe. It's the Pesk. I didn't know you wrote your own books. I have wanted dearly to write daily and just haven't committed to it. Do you do most of your writing on your blog? And/or pen to paper?

(Oh...I'd love a book...yours or Ms. Berwin's)


Lamb said... I am going to ferret out the book...or add it to my Amazon wish list! Also, posted my email on your other blog as I can't figure out how to email you through computer won't let me!
In any case, here is my email again:
Yes, there is a story behind that. I'll tell you one day. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks very interesting ~ I'll have to lok out for it. Postage to here is astronomical, so don't enter me, or if you do & I win, find out the postage, redraw & donate the postage somewhere ~ I've been ordering from US & postage for light items is coming out at 30 dollars!!!

LifePacer said...

hey - sounds interesting, I would love to win the book!

Ruthie said...

Enjoyed your review & I think the cover is gorgeous! Please enter me, thanks.

Susan B said...

I love to read...even tho tales about people behaving stupidly try my patience. Eat, pray, love - I almost didn't finish it because the first part was so ...stupid. Anyways, I would love to get the book.

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