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Friday, July 09, 2010

With friends like these

Husband came home from work with a jar of sand plum jelly from Pastor Mike (remember the gentleman that taught me to make soap) That reminded me that there was wild sand plums at the farmstead that need to be taken care of.

Pastor Mike managed to kill all his tomato plants. Goats ate my fruit trees. Pastor Mike would like tomatoes, at least a bushel. Of course you know what is coming next.

It has been slow, but we have started harvesting a few tomatoes. A bushel before high summer really starts going won't be a problem. He already has peaches ready, and a lot of them. He told husband that he will take what he wants, but there will still be a lot left.

oh the things I can make with peaches.

The Bad Dog Neighbors have locked their 2 remaining dogs up. When this happens, we get about 2 weeks of quiet before they are freed again.

We took our Buddy Hooter to El Dorado yesterday (40 minute drive for us) he had to take a class at the courthouse. Small, Medium and I waited at one of the parks there. The boys were thrilled. The parks there are newer and have more shade trees then the ones in the town close to us. They have both been begging to come back, and that started before we even left. I told them we will see if we can find a nicer park closer to us. But the thrill of playing on things that were built just for that purpose was a novelty. You mean these things don't have another purpose, like moving hay?

When I got home, I went searching for husband, who turns out was in the barn. When the cows saw me, they began to moo. Soon I had a loud chorus of cattle, sheep, goats and turkeys. I felt loved.


HermitJim said...

When the critters are glad to see you, that's always a good thing!

Nothing like a little animal love to give you a case of the warm and fuzzies!

skippymom said...

Love me some peaches. Share? :)

The park sounds like a lot of fun for the guys but I know they appreciate where they live too. You can tell in their writing and your stories.

Have a great weekend Phelan

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Our tomatoes have been fruiting for a while, but slow to ripen. A few pounds so far, but all continues we'll have more than our share soon!

Love the animal chorus!

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