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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Then what happened?

Husband and good neighbor met at the fence under the cover of darkness. It was 3 am, and one would think that this meeting was a conspiratorial secret society meeting. But it was as innocent as that. Bad neighbors dos woke us up, woke good neighbor up as well, as the dogs tried to attack our dogs through the fences. Back and forth they ran. From neighbor to neighbor, barking and growling, trying to eat fencing.

Day light arrived, and husband was off to work. Alas! he forgot something at home and made his way back. As he rolled his motorcycle down the road, the bad neighbor dogs came running out of the concealment of the neglected yard and started attacking the bike. They didn't stop until I screamed at them, and husband was already stopped in our drive way.

I called the county. The men they sent out could have cared less about what was happening. He was bored. Husband wasn't bit, so no foul. BS! Obviously this man has no idea what can happen when a dog is attacking a moving motorcycle on a sandy dirt road. Those dogs, or even husband could have been hurt.

The flooding washed up about 4 lbs f potatoes. Because of the clay content of our soil you cant just cover them back up. When the soils wet, it sticks to your fingers and not to the ground. I went a head and pulled them up. mmmm... baby potatoes.

And Happy Name Change day to Large! He will still be known as Large, but no longer known as my 12 tear old. From Hence forth he will be also known as my 13 year old!


FancyHorse said...

Happy Birthday to Large!

And, safe riding for husband!

Stephanie said...

Oh gods!! Official teenager!! Happy birthday Large!!

Can you shoot the dogs??

TeeJay said...

Love your posts. A hearty Happy Birthday to Large! :)

And nothing incenses me more than irresponsible dog owners who make life miserable for their neighbors.
And the county has to wait until someone gets seriously hurt or killed before they do something? Yeah right.

I would've taken a shot gun to those dogs by now. The fine or jail time would be worth it.

Phelan said...

once upon a time 4 dogs use to bother our livestock.

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