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Monday, June 21, 2010

Funky Times

I have not been feeling too sociable as of late. Between the heat and the mundane, I just don't feel I have much to actually say. I know, shocking huh?

Husband and I went out Friday night. You can read about it here. I feel much better after that. Not so stuck I guess.

I was listed the 17th best homesteading blog on a website. However there are some errors on the description. If you have found me via this site. . . . There is only 1 blogger here, not several. I have been homesteading 10 years, and not for a couple, and I have yet to teach anyone to make soap.

I always welcome questions, not just questions on whatever topic I am posting about that day.

Husband has chosen the name for our new bull calf, X (pronounced Ten). He is insistent on it. I figure we can let him have this one, there will be more to name soon.


Kelle said...

Sorry you are feeling anti social but I understand as I feel this way at times too.

Where is it that you find these ratings for blogs and such. Otheres have refered to them as well but I don't know where you find this info. I don't care if or where we're rated, just curious how to find the info.

The calf is precious and a name with X might be xi( pronounced si) it's the 14th letter of the greek alphabet, just my $.02 *wink*

Dogwoods said...

Nice Funky Times

Phelan said...

Kelle, most the time the website contacts you about it. You can also go to Ice Rocket and search who links to you and find out that way.

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