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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thank goodness it was only a dream.

I dreamed that I was weeding the garden over and over again. It wouldn't stop! I woke screaming, had some coffee and realized I had to weed the garden.


fullfreezer said...

LOL! I had a dream about re-bedding iris (we did that yesterday). Every time I went to get some to take to the new bed- there were more than ever before! They multiplied faster than I could move them!
Have some more coffee and get out there before it gets too hot.

Stephanie in AR said...

Read the title, first thought "or was it?". Funny what pops in the head while waiting for the screen to finish loading.

craftycountrymomma said...

LOL, Sorry thats funny & sad because it does feel like a never ending to the weeds. I hope you didn`t have a lot to Weed.

large wall mirrors said...

LOL! That was funny! I hope you finished weeding your garden. We own a Wall Mirrors ecommerce site and are always looking for great content to share and help inspire. Thanks.

Counter Height Dining Table said...

That was funny! I think your just remind you or always thinking to weed your garden no extra time for it.

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